(Sept 10th 2008, London) HarperCollins today announced a new business venture, Angry Robot, to provide the global science fiction/fantasy community with new content both in physical and digital form.

Angry Robot will be run by Marc Gascoigne, former Publisher of the Solaris and Black Library imprints at Games Workshop PLC. The business will focus on exploiting new business opportunities in e-commerce, print on demand and digital publishing for the Sci-Fi and Fantasy community, alongside maximising the opportunities available for genre publishing in the retail trade. Its first products will be launched in July 2009.

It will be a standalone unit based in Nottingham and Marc will report to HarperCollins Managing Director, Amanda Ridout, and will work with Publishing Brand Manager Chris Michaels to develop its sales, marketing and digital models.

HarperCollins today announced a new business venture, Angry Robot, to provide the global science fiction/fantasy community with new content both in physical and digital form.

Marc said:  “I am overjoyed to be joining HarperCollins to set up Angry Robot. I’ve proved with Black Library that, with the right approach, genre fiction can work, and work big, for hard-to-reach audiences like teenage boys. The strong launch of Solaris in both the UK and US showed that the SF & Fantasy market still has room for innovation. This year, and not for the first time, other areas of mass-media such as movies, television and computer games have enjoyed massive popular success across a variety of SF and Fantasy subjects. I’m confident that with this new venture we can bring that creative energy and success to the community in a different way.”

Chris Michaels said: “This is a prime moment to extend our offering in the Science Fiction and Fantasy space, reaching out to non-traditional audiences in radical new ways. Marc is a brilliant and innovative publisher to take this step with. His record in developing genre fiction and the I.P. associated with it for Solaris and Black Library is remarkable, and I look forward to working with him to develop a successful new business.”

Amanda Ridout said: “It is exciting to launch a new stand alone business into this vibrant and digitally-savvy community. HarperCollins is the market leader in fantasy through its Voyager imprint which is home to the biggest established authors and some hugely exciting new talent. Angry Robot will be focussed at a different part of the market and will deliver its content in a variety of different ways. Marc is the perfect person to spearhead this innovative and creative venture.”


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  2. It was Chuck D of the mighty Public Enemy who, in talking about their strong stance on the US racial divide, said “We ain’t anti-white, we’re pro-black.”

    Lots of imprints out there still doing what they did in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, and still producing fine books. We love ’em. We’re looking somewhere further afield, is all. Who knows, we may only get there sporadically, but that’s where we want to be.

  3. quote:
    Angry Robot is a new imprint from HarperCollins dedicated to the best in modern adult science fiction, fantasy and everything inbetween…
    end quote:

    Cool! I like modern, adult science fiction and fantasy.

    …it’s about time someone launched an SF/F imprint that didn’t feel like it was aimed at bloody fifty year-olds.
    end quote:

    Hmm… I’m over fifty, so you want to alienate me and all other ADULT readers that fall into this category?
    Not so cool, Jim.. smacks of ageism and there I was thinking that SF had enough prejudices working against it as it was… you’ve just racked up another?

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