Great album, but not the subject of this post!
Great album, but not the subject of this post!
Not that Boss – though I love a listen to Born to Run pretty much anytime.

OUR boss: Victoria Barnsley, HarperCollins UK and International CEO and Publisher.

She’s at the London School of Economics next Tuesday talking about exactly the business context that led Angry Robot to come into existence: the change coming from traditional thinking about what a publishing company does (acquires and publishes books for other people to sell for them) to what future publishing companies must do (acquire and distribute content for them and their consumers to decide what they want to do with).

Vicky’s talking about that in the context of the transition from “analogue” thinking to “digital” thinking – and that’s exactly right. Digital’s not just a way of marketing, it’s a way of thinking – to say we fully know what the hell it means yet would be stretching it, but we want to find out!

Anyway, if you’re in London, go along for a glimpse of the bigger picture.

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  1. Of course, being digital, you recorded the talk for podcasting, right 🙂 What you say interests me. Looking back the publishing industry needed, and got, a shake-up, from the times when publishing houses only dealt with certain booksellers. The introduction of ‘specials’, not the band but books produced for non-traditional outlets, especially petrol station shops, was perhaps a foretaste of the changes you see now, in the sense that customers want it, but the industry was scared it would cannibilise its own bookseller sales. History shows us that fear was unwarranted, and we witnessed the emergence of a new market. It’s the same today: people who don’t frequent bookstores, still want books, but the format needs to be a ‘special’. I’ve had a couple of book tokens hanging around for months, despite the fact that I’ve been to various bookstores several times they remain unspent. As a consumer I don’t want to buy a book for 20 quid, only to find it wasn’t that riveting. I prefer to consume a bit of a book, and if it’s good I’ll pay to read a bit more. Am I alone?

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