Peter Molyneux is one of the games industry auteurs people have been slowly been learning to think of in the same way we think about Film boys like Spielberg: commercial geniuses whose talent comes in large part from organising and enabling other peoples creativity as much as expressing their own. So when Molyneux, who these days runs Lionhead, turns to Fantasy themes to place his games, we should be interested (and are! Well, I am anyways…).

Fable II, released yesterday is a big moment. Partly because Fable I, as Molyneux himself admitted, was a disappointment; partly because of Molyneux’s well versed promo hype, but mostly because Fable feels different to most Fantasy-based gaming – less war and puzzle based, more explorative and evolutionary. Looser. Watch the trailer:


One of the things we want to do with Angry Robot is look at new opportunities for story-telling – i’m really excited to see (today!), what Molyneux and his crew are doing to take the genre forwards.

UPDATE: Cnet for one think it’s the game of the year