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Amber Royer at FenCon 2017!


We’re hyped to bring you yet more Convention news!

We have a new android author that The Central Computer has authorized for a field test at FenCon 2017, September 22nd-224th

Amber Royer, whose debut Space Opera, Free Chocolate, is coming out next year will be speaking on several panels, though not all at once.

Catch up with Amber at the Irving Lecture Hall on Friday at 12PM for But it’s Funny!, again at 2PM for The Villain is the Hero and once more at 3PM for Invasion of the Podcast People.

On Saturday Amber will be talking in Chinaberry at 11AM on 50 Ways to Leave your Blocker and then in Trinity VI at 1PM to answer the question: Puns – Can they be stopped?

Finally on Sunday she will be in Pecan at 12:30 for Reading with Amber Royer!

So come along, meet our awesome author and give her all of your support! If you’re lucky she might even give you some of those free chocolates she’s been mentioning on Twitter.

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Welcome to… Quietus

Oh, isn’t today a lovely day for a new book announcement? It’s getting a little colder outside, we’re all starting to close in for the winter and we need a little something to look forward to, once the sun starts to shine on the other side. And that sliver of light, folks, the one you see burning brightly on the other side has a name… Quietus. And it’s hitting shelves in March 2018.

Tristan Palmgren‘s debut novel, which features an anthropologist from another universe visit one of the darkest periods of human history in a bid to learn the cure for the plague sweeping her planet, is a unique take on medieval fiction that will ROCK. YOUR. WORLD. Imagine, if you will The Name of The Rose merging with The Left Hand of Darkness and you’re on your way there.

Now, to whet your whistle further we’ve got the cover, created by the very skilled Dominic Harmon, ready to go NOW and we’re showing it off over at the B&N Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog. Just click the teaser image below to be taken to the full reveal plus a brief post from Tristan – the actual guy who landed the trademark for ‘avuncular’ (we know!!) – on writing a debut novel.


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Angry Robot Support Hurricane Relief Bookstore

To say it’s been a bit shit for those affected by the hurricanes is very much an understatement. But Hurricane Relief Bookstore (brainchild of Fireside Fiction Company) has come up with a bit of a novel (fnar) way for you to help those affected in Houston, Florida and the Caribbean; donate money in return for a sparkly new book: an online bookstore.

Prices for your favourite title vary, but 100% of profits will be to charity. The list includes Angry Robot titles by wonderful authors such as Dan Abnett, Kameron Hurley, Wesley Chu, Jay Posey and Madeline Ashby. You can also get your hands on literary delights from Uncanny magazine, John Joseph Adams, Martha Wells and Lightspeed magazine.

So dig deep, friends and help people who need it right now while indulging in your passion.

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Time Salvager Primed for Movie


You may have seen the news on Den of Geek that Zak Olkewicz is currently adapting Wesley Chu’s Time Salvager for director Michael Bay.

Bay, probably most famous for Armageddon, Pearl Harbor and the Transformers franchise will be taking on Wes’ tale of chronman James, who returns to past earth one final time in order to recover resources but ends up bringing back more than he anticipated, in the form of scientist Elise Kim.

We’re absolutely delighted that our Wes has reached the dizzying heights of film adaptation and we’re already planning a UK screening party for our friends, when the time comes. There will be popcorn, so much popcorn.

If you want to get in on the action pre-big screen, you really should buy a copy of the book here and its sequel, Time Siege here. (UK/Commonwealth residents only, US/Can residents can buy the novel from Tor Books.)

Here’s the full synopsis:

In a future when Earth is a toxic, abandoned world and humanity has spread into the outer solar system to survive, the tightly controlled use of time travel holds the key to maintaining a fragile existence among the other planets and their moons. James Griffin-Mars is a chronman – a convicted criminal recruited for his unique psychological makeup to undertake the most dangerous job there is: missions into Earth’s past to recover resources and treasure without altering the timeline. Most chronmen never reach old age, and James is reaching his breaking point.

On his final mission, James meets scientist Elise Kim, who is fated to die during the destruction of an oceanic rig. Against his training and common sense, James brings her back to the future with him, saving her life, but turning them both into fugitives. Remaining free means losing themselves in the wild and poisonous wastes of Earth, and discovering what hope may yet remain for humanity’s home world.

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Open Door

Open Door 2017: Send us your novel!

Huzzah! For two months only we are relaxing our normally strict procedures, and anyone can submit a novel to Angry Robot. Yes, the 2017 Open Door period is incoming.

WHAT?          Unpublished novels
FROM?          Authors who do not have a literary agent
GENRE           Science fiction and/or fantasy
FINISHED?     Yes, finished, full manuscripts only
LENGTH?       70,000-130,000 words, no exceptions
WHEN?          Submissions website opens 1st November, closes 31st December 2017

Once the door closes (deep breath) we’ll read them all, every last one. If we like your novel enough to want to publish it, we’ll definitely be in touch! Successful books will be acquired and published, with an advance and royalties.

Read our full guidelines and FAQ – Should answer all of your queries, but this is also the place to leave any further questions you may have. We won’t be able to answer questions left anywhere else.

Submit your book – from 1st November 2017 – wait for it – more info on this coming soon, do not start emailing them to us!

Good luck! The Open Door worked for Robot pals Wesley Chu, Peter McLean, Lee Collins, and Lee Battersby – next time it could be you.

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Cover Reveal: The Red Men

You may have seen the announcement a little while ago that Angry Robot is bringing Matthew De Abaitua‘s stunning – and absolutely mind-bendingly good – Arthur C Clarke shortlisted The Red Men to American (and Canadian, in ebook form) shores this November.

And now, as we move ever closer to the joyous date of release, we have a brilliant new cover to show you, courtesy of the tremendous Raid71.

Click on the link to be taken through to the full cover reveal on the B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog, plus find out a little more information on The Red MenIf Then and The Destructives (which together make a loose trilogy) AND watch a short film based on the novel made by Film4/Shynola.

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Cover Reveal: Fallen Gods

It’s here! It’s here!

Well, actually it’s not here yet. But soon Fallen Gods, the second title in James A Moore‘s The Tides of War series, will be hitting shelves near you! In fact, the drop will be happening in January, exactly a year from the release of first-in-series The Last Sacrifice.

While you pine for the next book we do have a little treat for you, we can now show off the amazing new cover. Big thanks to that man Alejandro Colucci for once more bestowing us with something so awesome. And if any cover should invoke a sense of awe, it’s this one, which features an actual dead god. We know, we know!

AND if that’s not enough, anyone unfamiliar with the Tides of War series can enter into the competition that accompanies the cover reveal over on Fantasy Faction, which could see you winning one of 10 copies of The Last Sacrifice!

Just click on the teaser image below to be taken through to the full article.

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Cover Reveal + More: The Wrong Stars


Do we have a treat for you today! Not only do you get to see the cover for Tim Pratt‘s exhilarating new space opera, The Wrong Stars but we have glad tidings too, as we’ve signed Tim up for books two and three in the Axiom series! He’ll never get away from us now; the chips are implanted too deeply in his cerebral cortex.

Excited? You should be. And if you want to get yourself acquainted with the novel you might want to pop over to SFF World (just click the teaser image below), where there’s a sneak peek of the first chapter of The Wrong Stars to accompany the cover reveal. Thanks go to the incredibly good Paul Scott Canavan who took our brief and ran with it, creating a cover both understated and brilliantly detailed.

We’ve even been given access to the kitbashed sketches for the cover from Paul. So cool!

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Book Tour: Ferrett Steinmetz – The Uploaded

Angry Robot author Ferrett Steinmetz

There’s a Ferrett in the wild!

Our lovely Ferrett Steinmetz, author of the ‘Mancer series (Flex, The Flux, Fix) and now hearty cyberpunk The Uploaded is heading out to sign books for all you wonderful people!

Come along, hear wonderful words spoken, eat doughnuts and admire Ferrett’s no doubt The Uploaded themed nails. You’d be very silly indeed to miss out!

Here’s where he’ll be:

September 7th: Cleveland, Ohio
Loganberry Books
13015 Larchmere Blvd, Shaker Heights, Ohio 44120
19:00 – 21:00

September 14th: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Pandemonium Books
Pleasant St, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
19:00 – 21:00

September 23rd: San Francisco, California
Borderlands Books
866 Valencia Street, San Francisco, California 94110
15:00 –16:00

See you there!

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Cover Art

Cover Reveal: Moonshine by Jasmine Gower

We couldn’t very well publish MoonshineJasmine Gower‘s fast paced and fun secondary world novel, set in the Roaring 20s – without covering it in a truly beautiful art deco cover, now could we?

No, no we couldn’t. So that’s just what we’ve done. Our thanks, as always, to the absolutely wonderful John Coulthart for once more realising all of our dreams and creating the most wondrous geometric cover, with beautiful bold colours and alluring nymphs and flapper girls.

Sound like your kind of cover? Click on the teaser below and head over to the B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog for the official reveal.

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Monthly Deal

Kindle Monthly Deals for September: Rogues, Dragons and Demons

US Kindle Monthly deals have a wondrous set of titles at just $1.99 each for the whole of September, and of course, we’re matching those prices right here too.

The Copper Promise by Jen Williams (US/CAN)The Copper Promise by Jen Williams

Wydrin, The Copper Cat, takes a job to escort a noble into The Citadel – a forbidden and dangerous fortress – with the help of Sir Sebastian, her exile knight companion. There, they awaken an elder god, unleashing chaos on the nearby countryside. Why can’t it ever be a *simple* job?

“A fast-paced and original new voice in heroic fantasy.” – Adrian Tchaikovsky, author of Children of Time and the Shadows of the Apt series

The Iron Ghost by Jen Williams (US/CAN)The Iron Ghost by Jen Williams

Wydrin, Sebastian, and Lord Frith set of what was supposed to be just another job. A simple fetch quest quickly turns into much more than they’d bargained for.

“The highly anticipated sequel to the entertaining The Copper Promise, which featured appealing leads with a tendency to put self-interest ahead of heroism.” – The Guardian

Steal The Sky by Megan O'Keefe

Steal the Sky by Megan E O’Keefe

Winner of the 2017 Morningstar (best debut) Gemmell Award

Steal an airship and get out of town – what should have been an easy heist escalates quickly when the con-man’s accomplice turns out to be a shape-changing imposter wanted for murder.

“Blend two lovable rogues, a magical doppelganger, and a nasty empire, and you have O’Keefe’s Steal the Sky. It’s like an epic steampunk Firefly.” – Beth Cato, author of The Clockwork Dagger

Damnation by Peter McLean

Shambolic demon-hunting hitman Don Drake is teetering on the edge of madness in this smart, witty urban fantasy novel.

“Peter McLean continues to knock it out of the park with the Burned Man series. This is urban fantasy at its best, and it perfectly blends fantasy with modern society. 5 stars” – San Franciso Book Review

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Price Promotion

Find The Bookman on Bookbub Today

The Bookman by Lavie Tidhar“Literary figures emerge from the swirling fog, automatons patrol the streets, space probes head for Mars and giant lizards rule over Victorian England. A potent and atmospheric steampunk adventure.” (Chris Wooding)

Just in case you haven’t read Lavie Tidhar’s highly enjoyable, steampunk gem The Bookman, then help is at hand for readers in the UK and Canada.

On 28 August, you can pick it up from from Bookbub (just click on the ‘Buy Book’ to get to the bargain retailer of your choice) for just 99p/$1.99:

So what are you waiting for?

When his beloved is killed in a terrorist atrocity committed by the sinister Bookman, young poet Orphan becomes enmeshed in a web of secrets and lies. His quest to uncover the truth takes him from the hidden catacombs of a London on the brink of revolution, through pirate-infested seas, to the mysterious island that may hold the secret to the origin, not only of the shadowy Bookman, but of Orphan himself…

New 2016 edition includes the novelette ‘Murder in the Cathedral’. Discover, truthfully, what actually happened when Orphan visited Paris.

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Free, Free Excerpt

A World Run By The Dead: Free Excerpt of The Uploaded

The Uploaded by Ferrett Steinmetz, art by Amazing15

Ever wondered what would happen if we uploaded everyone’s minds at the point of death?

Well in his brand new novel, The Uploaded, Ferrett Steinmetz has done just that and it turns out it might not be so fun for the living…

Life sucks and then you die…

In the near future, the elderly have moved online and now live within the computer network. But that doesn’t stop them interfering in the lives of the living, whose sole real purpose now is to maintain the vast servers which support digital Heaven. For one orphan that just isn’t enough – he wants more for himself and his sister than a life slaving away for the dead. It turns out that he’s not the only one who wants to reset the world…

Want to give it a try? (Stupid question: of course you do!) Then check out the first chapters below:

The Uploaded will be within your grasp on 5 September (US/Can) and 7 September (UK/Commonwealth).

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Angry Robot Live

Did You Miss Out on Jeff Noon & Matthew de Abaitua at BSFA?

A Man of Shadows by Jeff NoonJeff Noon, he of marvellous twisty fantasy noir A Man of Shadows appeared at the British Science Fiction Association’s meetup in London this week to be interviewed by the equally brilliant Matthew de Abaitua, author of The Destructives, If Then and The Red Men. It was a great night, with a funny and insightful chat between the pair, plus questions from the rather packed room.

If you missed it, we have your back. Or rather, Chad Dixon does, as he recorded and streamed the whole thing – what an absolute star. Thanks Chad! Click play on the video below (or straight here) and go to fullscreen to enjoy Jeff and Matthew in all their glory (especially Matthew’s never-still hands).


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Kindle & Kobo Daily Deal – The Lives of Tao

There’s a perfect time to pick up a superb summer read, and that’s today: Wesley Chu’s The Lives of Tao is just $1.99 on Amazon US Kindle, Amazon UK Kindle and on US Kobo. It’s a funny, action-packed spy thriller, with aliens:

One day an overweight slacker named Roen wakes up with a strange voice in his head. He soon comes to learn that the voice is a disembodied alien who crashed to earth millions of years ago. The alien, called Tao, is part of a cohort of aliens called Quasing that crash landed together. Since the fall of the Roman empire, the aliens have been waging a war to decide the best means to get home–the pragmatic Genjix do not care if their methods destory humankind while the more gentile people of Tao’s tribe are prepared to take a less destructive approach. 

“Just your usual ‘I’ve got an immensely wise alien in my head who wants me to become and international man of mystery’ story. Which is to say, a page-turning homage to other classic SF like Hal Clement’s Needle. Recommended.” – Steven Gould, author of the Jumpers series

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COVER REVEAL: The Night Clave

So, as you know (stares into camera) we publish the tie-in novels for Monte Cook GamesNumenera and The Strange RPGs. The RPGs are known for their immersive storytelling, future tech that lives by the Arthur C Clarke quote “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

The great thing about these novels is that you don’t need to have an understanding of the RPGs to enjoy the books. Sure there are some easter eggs thrown in, but these won’t disrupt a fantastic reading experience for those who just love themselves a bit of high tech sci-fi.

Our first tie in novel Numenera: The Poison Eater, arrived in January 2017 and looked a bit like this:

The Poison Eater by Shanna Germain

Then we published The Strange: Myth of the Maker in which looked like this:

Myth of the Maker by Bruce R Cordell

And, come November 2 (UK/Commonwealth) / November 7 (US/Can) we’ll have our third novel! Numenera: The Night Clave, written by Shanna Germain & Monte Cook, focuses on the Aeon priests, who help people to understand and use the mysterious technologies of the past. However, when some of these priests use their knowledge to exploit those who depend on them resistance must come… from the Night Clave.

Today, we wanted to show off the cover, which we think you’ll agree is a real treat! Just look below and feast your eyes on the absolute beauty. The colour, the intricacy, the alien resonance. Isn’t it just incredible? Thanks, Federico Musetti, you have done the Robots proud.

The Night Clave by Monte Cook and Shanna Germain

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