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Within Without is OUT!

Happy book birthday to Within Without, the new Nyquist mystery from award-winning weird fiction visionary Jeff Noon!

“In the year 1960, private eye John Nyquist arrives in Delirium, a city of a million borders, to pursue his strangest case yet: tracking down Oberon, the stolen, sentient image of faded film star Vince Craven.
As Nyquist tracks Oberon through a series of ever-stranger and more surreal borders, he hears tantalising stories
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Return to the World of the Axiom!

If you’re one of the thousands and thousands of readers who loved your travels in the incredible space opera universe of Tim Pratt’s Axiom Trilogy, then good news, because today we release The Alien Stars and Other Novellas!

A brand new collection of previously unpublished stories, The Alien Stars features some of the most beloved members of the White Raven crew, along with an equally awesome cast of new characters, striking out on enthralling new adventures, and it’s available everywhere now!

Happy book birthday to The Alien Stars and Other Novellas and to Tim!

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Happy book birthdays!

Bookshops have just reopened across the country here in the UK (well, some of it…your turn soon, Scotland and Northern Ireland!), which makes this the perfect time to be celebrating some bookish birthdays!

Please join us in welcoming to the world Composite Creatures, the dystopian sci-fi debut novel from acclaimed poet Caroline Hardaker, and The Worldbreaker Saga Omnibus by Kameron Hurley, collecting all three books of her fantasy masterwork in a single digital volume for the first time!

As ever you can order either Composite Creatures or The Worldbreaker Saga Omnibus from your favourite bookish retailer, or direct from us here at

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Bridgeman Goes to Hollywood!

We are delighted to announce that Amanda Bridgeman’s 2018 novel The Subjugate is to become a TV series! Australia’s Aquarius Films has joined forces with US-based Anonymous Content to produce the show, which will follow Detective Salvi Brentt and other members of the San Francisco PD as they investigate a series of horrific murders in a religious community which has turned its back on the technology of the outside world. We’ll look forward to seeing it on our screens very soon, but in the meantime there’s never been a better moment to read both The Subjugate and its fantastic 2020

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An Angry Robot Upgrade

Angry Robot are delighted to announce a major upgrade to our hardware: a welcome wave of promotions and new appointments to the fantastic team who make us tick!

Eleanor Teasdale has been promoted to the role of Associate Publisher in recognition of building out our list of talent as well as her contributions to the overall success of our parent publisher, Watkins Media. Gemma Creffield has been made Managing Editor and will be acquiring titles to add to our list, with Sam McQueen moving into the role of Publishing Assistant. Ailsa Stuart will be joining us next month in a

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Black Voices Matter Open Submissions – An Update

We have been delighted at the response to our Black Voices Matter Open Submissions Period, and want to thank every author who has submitted their work to us, as well as everyone who has shared the details of this opportunity to their networks.

We are now reading through the first batch of submissions, and will be responding to their authors in the coming weeks.

Having been blown away at the fantastic response so far, we have decided to scrap the original September 30th closing date for the submissions period, and extend it indefinitely.

Interested authors can continue to submit their

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Short Story Exclusive from Rik Hoskin

In anticipation of Rik Hoskin’s smashing superhero-fantasy hit this summer, he has kindly penned a wonderful short story for you all to enjoy. If you like what you read, may we humbly (and yet strongly) suggest you pre-order Bystander 27, out 11th August.


 * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Rik Hoskin

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Black Voices Matter Open Submissions

As part of our commitment to publishing the very best in Sci-FI, Fantasy, and WTF?! from the very broadest and best range of voices possible, Angry Robot are delighted to announce the details of our new Black Voices Matter Open Submissions period, exclusively for SFF manuscripts from Black writers who currently don’t have agented representation.

The Black Voices Matter Open Submissions window will run for an initial period of three months, from 12:00am Wed July 1st BST (British Summer Time) until 11:59pm BST Thu September 30th, though we may extend it if we get a good response. There will be

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Open the Pod Bay Doors! Open Submissions 2020

It’s the most wonderful time of the year once again!

No, not Christmas, the Angry Robot Open Submissions Period!

If you’re an SFF/horror writer without agent representation, this is YOUR chance to submit your novel-length manuscripts to Angry Robot Books!

In recent years our Open Submissions have led to publication of acclaimed and award-nominated novels including Shrouded LoyaltiesThe Light Years, and The Imaginary Corpse, and as always we’re excited to see what gems are sent in by budding authors this time around. As an imprint devoted to publishing the very best in genre fiction from the very widest range of voices,

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Black Lives Matter

Like all of you, we have been shocked and disgusted by the recent events in the USA, the latest in a long and shameful history of racist violence. There can be no tolerance for racism or discrimination wherever and whenever it appears, and we all have a responsibility to fight against it, and work tirelessly to create a world where it no longer exists.

As part of the publishing industry, we bear a special responsibility to help provide a platform for stories from underrepresented voices. Our industry has tremendous work to do to improve diversity, both in the authors and

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Coup d’éVAT

Good news lovely humans!

Her Majesty’s Government here in the UK has brought forward its planned removal of the 20% VAT (that’s Value Added Tax) on eBooks, effective immediately! To celebrate, we’re offering 16.6666666666666666666666666666666666(etc)% off every eBook purchase for the next week, rounded up to 17% because we love you.

All you have to do is use the code COUPDEVAT at checkout, to get 17% off ANY eBook order! Buy one eBook, buy ONE THOUSAND eBOOKS, you’ll get 17% off the lot!

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Extended Shelf Isolation

We’ve been delighted to see how many people have taken advantage of our Shelf Isolation sale to stock up on Angry Robot’s selection of the finest SF/F/WTF, so we’ve decided to extend it!

For another whole week, you can get 50% off any eBook order from our website! Buy one eBook, or buy ONE HUNDRED eBooks, you’ll get 50% off the total price: all DRM-free, yours to keep, in epub and mobi formats!

All you need to do is use the code SHELFISOLATION at checkout.


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Shelf Isolation

Well. We don’t know about you, but here at Angry Robot, we thought it’d be zombies.

Or, you know, killer robots.

This is of course a strange and scary time for all of us. But we know that it’s in such times that we turn to stories, whether for escape, for hope, for solace, or for whatever the hell it is you maniacs pushing Pandemic to the top

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Refraction by Christopher Hinz – Cover Reveal!

We are delighted to reveal the cover for REFRACTION, the new novel from award-winning sci fi author Christopher Hinz, out from Angry Robot this November!

If Aiden Manchester had to have a superpower, why couldn’t it be something useful like predicting the future? Or Jedi mind tricks? Instead, he’s afflicted with manifestations, balls of goo which materialise in midair while he sleeps. But then Aidan learns he was a ‘Quiver Kid’; one of seven orphaned babies drafted for an illicit experiment at

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The Subjugate is optioned for TV, and the sequel is in the bag!

Great news Salvi Brentt fans! You may soon be seeing her character take form on the small screen! An Oscar and Golden Globe nominated TV production company have now optioned the rights to The Subjugate TV series. And while that’s been under negotiation, Angry Robot has commissioned the second book in the series, The SensationAnd as if that wasn’t exciting enough, we’ve got the cover reveal for you right here!

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New Angry Robot eBook Prices!

As mechanical beings with computers for brains, we here at Angry Robot have long been fans of eBooks.

We know that many of our readers are too.

So, it gives us great pleasure to announce an overhaul of our eBook prices, making this handy dandy format even handier and dander!

All our frontlist titles are now only £4.99*, so you can buy even more of our brilliant brand new books.

Our huge backlist of the best in SF, F, and WTF?! is only £3.99!*

And as an extra-special incentive, we’ve made the first book in every multi-book series we’ve published

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