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Queen of the Struggle

When freedom is brutally withheld, the people have no choice but to rise up in this post-apocalyptic SF sequel to The Rebellion’s Last Traitor.

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The Memory Thief Book Two

Publishing on 01 Mar 2018
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Overthrowing the tyrannical Tathadann government should have been cause for celebration. But as Eitan City announces its independence, soldiers from the northern province of Vårgmannskjør storm the ceremony and annex the city. The cruelties of the Tathadann soon pale beside their new rulers’ atrocities.

Henraek finds himself resettled in the north, in a city where the people seem happy and well…  until its labor camps and enslaved spirits come to light. The rebellion must begin anew, in Eitan City and throughout Vårgmannskjør, and now the stakes are higher than ever.


Memory Thief


Queen of the Struggle


Nik Korpon



Publication date

01 Mar 2018


1st March 2018 | 9780857666604 | epub & mobi | £5.49/$6.99/$7.99

US Print

6th March 2018 | 9780857666598 | Massmarket Paperback | $7.99/$10.99

UK Print

1st March 2018 | 9780857666581 | Paperback | £8.99

The Rebellion’s Last Traitor is a mesmerizing mix of post-apocalyptic F/SF, war/adventure, criminals dealing in memories, and black-as-hell noir. It’s full of attitude and atmosphere, and I couldn’t put it down.”
Paul Tremblay, author of A Head Full of Ghosts and Disappearance at Devil’s Rock

The Rebellion’s Last Traitor is an explosive tale of betrayal and revenge in which allegiances prove as dangerous and unreliable as the memories the citizens of Eitan City buy and sell. Korpon crosses genre lines with ease, and imbues this post-apocalyptic tale with the rhythm and immediacy of crime fiction.”
Chris Holm, Anthony Award-winning author of Red Right Hand and The Killing Kind

Nik Korpon is the author of several books, including The Soul Standard and Stay God, Sweet Angel. He lives in Baltimore with his wife and two children.

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