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Book Tour: Dr Potter’s Medicine Show

Roll up, roll up, for the greatest show in town!

That’s right, lads lasses, ladies, gentlemen and those who spurn such coarse terminology, the purveyor of wonder Eric Scott Fischl will forthwith be hawking his majestic wares across the plains of the US of A. Prepare to be AMAZED, ASTOUNDED and ASTONISHED by Dr Potter’s Medicine Show and the contents within, as Fischl treats you fine people to just a taste – stop jostling now, you’ll all get a turn – of his characterful characters and sinful snake-oil.

Make your way to any of the brilliant boutiques below and be one of the first to adopt this fabulous new fantasy. Quick, quick now, without delay!

Dr Potter's Medicine Show by Eric Scott FischlFeb 6, 7:30PM – Portland
Powell’s on Hawthorne, 7:30PM
In conversation with another Angry Robot, the peerless Wendy N Wagner.

Feb 9, 7PM – Seattle
University Book Store


Feb 10, 7PM – Spokane
Auntie’s Bookstore  


Feb 15th, 7PM Missoula
Fact & Fiction Bookstore  


Caveat: Angry Robot cannot be held accountable for any loss of life, sense or money.

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What’s this?!


You might have been a little startled to pull up your favourite SF/F/WTF publishing house’s website and discover that, well, it looks like this now.

That’s right, we’ve had a little bit of a revamp of the old digital HQ, and the result is what you see right here. There are a few exciting changes, namely that the Robot Trading Company has been rolled into the main website, so you can now buy ebooks directly from the book page (account holders, fear not! We shall be moving your accounts over – watch out for an email). There’s also a cool little carousel which shows off our new and upcoming titles, new social media features and a better search function.

So take some time to look around, check out the new site and, you know, buy books. Because you can do that now. Excellent.

If you have any questions about the soon-to-be defunct Robot Trading Company website, your Robot subscription or anything similar, please do give us a shout over at
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Best of Lists 2016

AR 2016Well, 2016 was a busy old year for us, what with publishing many wonderful, wonderful books, continuing to take over the world, offering human sacrifices to the gods, that kind of thing.

It seems our sacrifices haven’t gone unnoticed as we have found our books placed in a whole load of ‘best of 2016’ lists, which has, quite honestly, made out 2017 thus far.

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who took the time to read, review and rave about our books. It really does mean the world to us, you guys keep us doing what we do and help us strive to release the best in SF, F & WTF last year, this year and to infinity and beyond (we might have nicked that quote from somewhere).

So, for your perusal, here’s a rundown of our books, placed in the annals of ‘best book’ lists.

Peter TieryasUnited States of Japan 

Matthew De Abaitua’s If Then

  • From Couch to Moon
    The Best SF I Read This Year
    “How love, community, and mid-life crisis adapt in an alienating political system based on algorithms.”

Foz MeadowsAn Accident of Stars

Ferrett Steinmetz‘s Fix

  • Bibliotropic
    Top 11 Books I Read in 2016
    “Steinmetz’s ‘Mancy series has done something that’s pretty uncommon for me when it comes to urban fantasy: it made me hungry for more.”

K C Alexander‘s Necrotech

Christopher Hinz‘s Binary Storm

Peter McLean‘s Drake and second-in-series Dominion

  • The Automatic Cat 
    Best Books of 2016
    “The follow-up to Drake sees the return of Don Drake, ‘Hell’s Hitman’. Easily as gritty, sweary – and that’s very sweary – and as much fun as its predecessor.”

Jen WilliamsThe Copper Promise

Jay Posey‘s Outriders 

James A Moore‘s The Last Sacrifice (technically 2017, but hey, the ARC was read in 2016)

  • Bookwraiths
    The Best of 2016
    “People need to read James A. Moore’s smooth, horrifying sword and sorcery books.  Especially this one, which begins a new series.”
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Book Announcement, Cover Art

Cover Reveal: A Tyranny of Queens

Rejoice! It’s new cover time, and today we have an absolute beauty for you.

You might remember last year’s brilliant portal fantasy An Accident of Stars by Foz Meadows, described as “the portal fantasy I’ve spent my whole life waiting for” by Tor’s Liz Bourke. Now we’re showing off the cover – created by Hugo Award-winning artist Julie Dillon – for the amazing sequel, A Tyranny of Queens.

But first, here’s the synopsis:

Saffron Coulter is back on Earth, but even so, nothing is easy. Struggling with the victimising expectations of her friends and family and threatened with a stay in psychiatric care, Saffron has to make a choice: to forget about Kena and fit back into the life she’s outgrown, or pit herself against everything she’s ever known and everyone she loves.

Meanwhile in Kena, Gwen is increasingly troubled by Leoden’s absence and his plans for the captive worldwalkers, while Yena, still in Veksh, must confront the deposed Kadeja. What is their endgame? Who can they trust? And what happens when Leoden returns?

For the full cover, plus exclusive interview with both Foz and Angry Robot author Keith Yatsuhashi, author of Kojiki and forthcoming title Kokoro, click on the teaser image below.

A Tyranny of Queens - teaser

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Daily Deal

Time Stops Until You Grab this BookBub UK Deal for Time Salvager

Time Salvager by Wesley ChuUK robots: do you want a discount?!

Well we’re known for giving the people what they want here at Angry Robot, so you’re in luck! The good eggs over at BookBub have granted all your new year wishes and discounted the UK version of Wesley Chu’s Time Salvager to a time-warping 99p on Saturday 15th January!

If you can’t get enough of time twisting action-adventure in a future, toxic Earth then you won’t want to miss the chance to dive into the world of Time Salvager. 

Here’s the synopsis: Read More

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Author Appearance

Author Reading: Matthew De Abaitua

Angry Robot author Matthew de AbaituaWe have a treat for you, fans of wonderfully conceptual, brilliantly realised, weirdcore science fiction. Matthew De Abaitua will be heading to Needlewriters Lewes to give a reading from his novel If Then this Thursday 12 January from 7PM.

If Then is actually set in Lewes and – fun fact – was written above the Needlewriters. It’s very British apocalypse, where civilisation is all but collapsed and renegade AI tries to recreate the First World War. Interest piqued? Well, here are a couple of reviews for you:

“Sumptuously written, with prose that glitters with a dark lustre like a Damien Hirst fly collage. intricately plotted, and a satirical point as sharp and and accurate as the scalpel of a brain surgeon: De Abaitua operates on the smiling face of the present to reveal the grimacing skull of the future.”
Will Self

“This is the kind of post-apocalypse, after-it-all-changed novel — with clever codicils — that the Brits do with so much more classy, idiosyncratic style than anyone else. It is full of magisterial weirdness, logical surrealism, melancholy joy and hopeful terror. If I begin to toss out names like Adam Roberts, Brian Aldiss, Keith Roberts, and J. G. Ballard, I will not be lavishing undue praise.”
Paul Di Filippo

“One of the most intriguing and disturbing near-future speculations published for some years.”
Strange Horizons

“De Abaitua builds on the promise he demonstrated in The Red Men in this intellectual science fiction novel, whose ambition is matched by its execution. The author’s thoughtful world-building is enhanced by a cast of relatable characters.”
Publishers Weekly

Matthew will be joined by fellow authors Kay Syrad and Colin Bell on the night. Drinks and nibbles will be available, as will copies of If Then (cash and cheque only).

Full details of the event can be found here. Needlewriters can be found at the Needlemakers here:

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Daily Deal

Mind Expanding BookBub Deal for vN

vN, by Madeline AshbyExciting discount news robots!
Do you love zombie robots, vampire robots, humanoid robots, and anything robot? Then you’ll want to get your hands on the epic cyberpunk world of Madeline Ashby’s  vN, book 1 of the First Machine Dynasty. On January 9th you can plug vN into your memory drive with a BookBub bargain!
Take a look at the synopsis of vN:

Read More

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The Gas-Lit Empire is Back!

Angry Robot author Rod DuncanGreetings, travellers!

And travellers we shall be talking about today, as Elizabeth Barnabus – beloved heroine of the Gas-Lit Empire universe and novels The Bullet-Catcher’s Daughter, Unseemly Science and The Custodian of Marvels – is taking flight from the UK to the vast oceans.

That’s right, Rod Duncan is back with a brand new series, the Map of Unknown Things, which is set in the same world as that of the Gas-Lit Empire. The series will begin in January 2018 with the first novel The Queen of All Crows. Here’s the synopsis:

Only one woman can stop the world from descending into endless war.

The year is 2012. The nations of the world are bound together in an alliance of collective security, overseen by the International Patent Office.

When airships start disappearing in the middle of the Atlantic, the Patent Office is desperate to discover what has happened. Forbidden to operate beyond the territorial waters of member nations, they send spies to investigate in secret.

One of those spies is Elizabeth Barnabus. She must overcome her dislike of the controlling Patent Office, disguise herself as a man, and take to the sea in search of the floating nation of pirates who threaten the world order.

Eeek, we can’t wait to the new instalment of our favourite genre-defying world with you!

For more information on the new series, plus giveaway of all three books in the previous series please head over to the wonderful Fantasy Faction.

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Cover Art

Cover Reveal: Among The Fallen

Among the Fallen - teaserOoooh, it’s time for a pretty new cover! Our first of 2017, in fact, and we have to thank superb artist Andreas Rocha for the fine work. *doffs cap*

The frankly stunning cover is for Among The Fallen, the second title in N S Dolkart‘s Godserfs series, following on from last year’s magnificent Silent Hall, described by Strange Alliances as “a very special debut novel.”

The full reveal can be found over at Fantasy Faction but here’s a little teaser in the meantime. Just click on it to be taken through to the article which also features the synopsis.

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Daily Deal

Outstanding BookBub Deal for Outriders

Bargain alert!Outriders by Jay Posey

A high-speed explosion of military science fiction, Jay Posey’s Outriders is not one to be missed on a normal day. But, Robots, this is not a normal day – we have a discount in our midst! The wonderful people at BookBub are discounting Outriders from January 3rd so that your new year really does go off with a bang!

Here’s the synopsis for Outriders: Read More

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Sneak Peek

A Free Glimpse of the Future in The Poison Eater

The Poison Eater by Shanna GermainVenture into a whole new realm – Numenera, the Ninth World in Shanna Germain’s inventive science fantasy, The Poison Eater. It’s a brilliant far-future tale magic and technology, from the Numenera world developed by Monte Cook Games.  Let us treat you an exclusive peek at the first chapters of Shanna’s extraordinary story.

Here’s the synopsis:

Poison never lies.

Talia was once one of the twelve martyrs of the forgotten compass, a prisoner of the unhuman creatures known only as the vordcha. She barely escaped that life with her body and soul intact.

Now she has a new life as a poison eater in the city of Enthait. Here she is hailed as one of the city’s protectors. No one knows her history. No one has asked about her past. She’s been here long enough that Enthait is her home now, these are her people. She loves them and they her.

But in the Ninth World, the past is a living, breathing thing. And when it hunts you down, you can run. You can fight. Or you can die.

The Poison Eater is available in all good bookstores and wherever books are sold from 17th January 2017.

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We’re away for Christmas

Christmas greetings Robots,

We’re currently off warming our cold metal bodies in front of a warm fire, cracking nuts, reading stories and opening our stacks of presents.

Our ever-watchful, steely gaze will be on Twitter and our e-mails throughout the festive period though, so if you do really need us just drop us a line.

Happy holidays!

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Book Announcement

New Book Announcement: The Uploaded by Ferrett Steinmetz

Angry Robot author Ferrett SteinmetzYEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

You all know how much we love Ferrett Steinmetz and his amazing ‘Mancer series (Flex, The Flux, Fix), right? Well, when Ferrett told us he’d written a new standalone novel we wanted it so much that we took his entire family hostage until such a time as he signed a contract with us, in his own blood, promising fealty, book rights and doughnuts each month until the end of time.

So we are delighted, made up, overjoyed and pretty darn chuffed to announce that in September 2017 Ferrett’s The Uploaded will be published by Angry Robot.

Now, we want to tell you all about the novel but we guess the best person to do that would be Ferrett, and wouldn’t you just know it, he’s done so by writing a blog about the book over on the B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog! Head on over and have a read!



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Fabulous Fantasy Fundraiser


Fabulous Fantasy FundraiserOne hundred fantasy authors!

One hundred signed books!

Six lucky winners!

Two auctions!

One amazing charity!

The Booknest is running a festive fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders (aka Médecins Sans Frontières), a charity which carries out vital humanitarian work around the world, providing medical aid where it’s needed the most.

To support this wonderful cause a hundred fantasy authors have donated signed books for two special festive auctions, including Robots Peter McLean, James A Moore, Andy Remic and Jen Williams.

Now YOU get a chance to get your hands on some brilliant books *grabby hands*. So dig deep, donate to a great cause and tell all of your friends, too!

For details of how to enter just click here.

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Book Announcement, Cover Art

New Books: KW Jeter New Novel + Re-Releases + Shiny New Covers!

Exciting news, fans of cogs and clocks and all things steam!

K W Jeter – the father of steampunk who coined the term 30 years ago – is back, with a brand new novel and re-releases of the earlier books in his genre-defining George Dower series.

To celebrate the anniversary Angry Robot will be re-releasing Infernal Devices this coming February, with a re-release of second-in-series Fiendish Schemes arriving in April. This is the first time that Fiendish Schemes will be released outside of the US/Canada, so be ready, UK/Commonwealth fans! Finally, we’ll be publishing K W’s brand new novel, Grim Expectations, the third of the George Dower series, in June 2017.

Each book has a brand new cover, created by the ever-brilliant John Coulthart, and let us tell you, they are WONDERFUL. If you’d like to take a look at them and hear a little from K W about his thoughts on both the covers and the series in general, head over to for some exclusive content. In the meantime, here’s a little teaser for you:
George Dower Trilogy - teaser

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Short Fiction

The Chiswick Cannibals – A Christmas Story by Ishbelle Bee

We’re starting to get all Christmassy on the orbital death platform. We’ve strung up vile humans fairy lights, wrapped tinsel around the lasers, hung a wreath over the mainframe and even attached a single, tiny bauble to each end of editorial assistant Nick’s moustache. It’s all looking rather festive!

We hope you’re all feeling similarly jolly. If not, here’s a Christmas story by Ishbelle Bee, author of dark fairy tales The Singular and Extraordinary Tale of Mirror & Goliath and The Contrary Tale of  The Butterfly Girlto get you in the deathly festive spirits.

The Chiswick Cannibals

A mini peculiar Christmas adventure of John Loveheart Esq.

Christmas Eve, London

This entire blasted Christmas holiday, Constable Walnut and I have been investigating a nefarious flesh eating cult located within Chiswick, a west district London slum pit whose residents have become deformed over centuries of interbreeding and tripe worship.

This particular cult has proved tricky to catch, despite several ingenious attempts to lure the acolytes out- one such being, Walnut disguised as a poor Little Match Girl selling her wares on the steps of Chiswick town hall. Unfortunately this plan was abandoned as Walnut proved surprisingly popular as ‘rough trade’ to the locals; the ensuing fracas ended in several arrests including that of Walnut who in the defence of his innocence had head-butted a local dignitary. Read More

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