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Fable II, and the genre genius of Peter Molyneux

Peter Molyneux is one of the games industry auteurs people have been slowly been learning to think of in the same way we think about Film boys like Spielberg: commercial geniuses whose talent comes in large part from organising and enabling other peoples creativity as much as expressing their own. So when Molyneux, who these days runs Lionhead, turns to Fantasy themes to place his games, we should be interested (and are! Well, I am anyways…).

Fable II, released yesterday is a big moment. Partly because Fable I, as Molyneux himself admitted, was a disappointment; partly because of Molyneux’s well versed promo hype, but mostly because Fable feels different to most Fantasy-based gaming – less war and puzzle based, more explorative and evolutionary. Looser. Watch the trailer:


One of the things we want to do with Angry Robot is look at new opportunities for story-telling – i’m really excited to see (today!), what Molyneux and his crew are doing to take the genre forwards.

UPDATE: Cnet for one think it’s the game of the year

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Future formats

Neal Stephenson, you utter bastard

I don’t really think he’s an utter bastard, of course. In fact, I adore Neal Stephenson. He’s a wonderful writer, more than prepared to take on immense sweeping subjects and deliver in spades. Which means his damn books are immense buggers. Which means I have a cinderblock-sized copy of Anathem glowering heftily at me from the Must Read Soon pile.

And I’m looking at it, and it’s looking back at me, and I’m thinking to myself… what with work reading, and the day job, and the kids, and movies and hobbies and just that thing I do where I just sit and drink myself senseless… the only way I’m going to be able to read that sucker is if I have a massive plane trip coming up. Which I do, luckily enough, with World Fantasy Con in Calgary, Canada in a couple of weeks. But I ain’t lugging anything that weighs as much as all my clothes together across the Atlantic no matter how wonderful a read it’s gonna turn out to be.

And it’s at this point that I finally realised that even a curmudgeonly, luddite old “I’d rather sit in my armchair with a nice glass of something and a proper book, thank you” type like me really, really needs an e-reader. Which I take to mean that if even I want one, the time has come. How ’bout you?

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Where to buy your Robots

We love robots, obviously, otherwise why the hell the crazy name?

But sometimes you don’t just need to idly love robots from a-far, you need to BUY them. So whilst the global economy falls apart, and whilst we don’t have any books-n-stuff for you to buy, why not lavish your remaining liquidity on the finest robots purchasable via the whirlwhywib?

The Robot Shop is that place, selling a plethora of robotics, from complex science class stuff to R2s to Robbie the Robot posters.

Or alternatively, buy “I, Robot“, unquestionably HarperCollins finest publication with “Robot” in the title. Come to think of it, they were pretty angry too…

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Why start a new genre business?

I spent 6 months telling senior management at HarperCollins that the SciFi and Fantasy genre was in a period of transition. That things were changing we needed to respond to with smart, up-to-date ways of reaching the passionate, intelligent readers who consume this kind of stuff. And that there was a whole batch of next-generation readers out there we could reach if we did things differently. Read More

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What is the sound of an Angry Robot?

It’s important to set a context for the trip ahead, and whilst this business is all about words, it still needs a soundtrack.

So what would an Angry Robot listen to? We know that just plain ol’Robots dig Kraftwerk, the man-machine metronomes. And we can assume that self-hating Robot’s Rage Against the Machine. But if I was an Angry Robot right now, I’d be optimistic, and excited about the trip ahead, channeling the Angry-ness – so who better than the mighty, wide-eyed and wonderful Yeasayer to set the tone?  

I saw this on Pitchfork this morning, and as we start thinking about the first Angry Robot releases in Summer 2009, this is a hell of an anthem.

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Robots on the march, pt.2

It’s almost time for World Fantasy Con, the best little convention we ever did attend. This year we have the rare treat of a trip to Calgary, Canada, for a few days of chat, beer, reunions, beer, panels, beer, beer and some drinking too. Attending this year for Angry Robot will be Marc G, AR Publishing Director, and Chris Michaels, the official HarperCollins special publishing strategy and future mad ideas genius guy (no really; he has to have a special fold-out business card and everything).

If you’re attending, come and say hi, sell us a couple of books, look us square in the eye and deny our powers are only being used for good. If you’re not, hell, what’s your sorry-ass excuse? Jack in your sucky job, put the kids in hock for a week, get there by paddle steamer or floatplane or huskies or kayak but get there. Aaaanyway, we’ll be in from Thursday October 30th and shipping out mid-Monday November 3rd, so track us down.

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Robots at large

Robots rrrock

While watching BBC1’s Imagine documentary tv show, on the history of the rock guitar the other night, my mind was severely boggled by a nifty little number from The Tornados, of “Telstar” fame… Robot. Erm yeah, like, swinging daddio.

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Robots on the march pt.1

This coming weekend, the Angry Robot crew will be rampaging down to the sleepy town of Northampton (the UK one). Why? Oh pshaw — it’s only flipping Newcon 4! Along with the mighty Iain Banks, who’ll be bringing his M with him, there’ll be the usual marvellousness from Paul Cornell, Ken McLeod and the crepuscular Storm Constantine, plus a whole heap of further sfnal and fantastical goodness. The venue — the town’s old fishmarket, now an arts centre — is ideal for a small but smart convention, and the organisers, the Ians Watson and Whates, are such darlings it’s almost impossible not to have fun. See you there and yes, we are buying.

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Push the button!

So yeah, here we are. All a bit new around here at the moment – a lot of Angry Robot is still cellophane-wrapped for your protection. Protection from what, though, we’re not sure yet…

Until we have some books to announce formally, we’re going to use the blog format for our website. That should mean we can rattle away about the various headline topics that come up as we turn Angry Robot from a crazy idea that might just work… into stark, terrifying reality.

A few of our friends have asked if we can show at least some of the inner workings of setting up a book imprint, and we’re certainly going to try. There’ll be some secret stuff, or at least some stuff that we can’t talk about until contracts are signed, that sort of thing, but we’ll endeavour to give a good glimpse of what we’re up to, and just as importantly, why. If you have questions for us, feel free to use the comments function and we’ll do what we can to tell you how we see it.

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