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Moxyland Longlisted for Major Award

lauren-beukes-web1It’s early days, but we’ve just been informed that Lauren Beukes’ superb debut novel, Moxyland, has been longlisted for the South African Sunday Times Fiction Award.

This is the most prestigious literary award in the country, and the fact that a genre novel has been recommended is a testament to the amazing work Lauren has created.

Congratulations on the longlisting, Lauren – we have crossed various digits for luck.

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Pitch Perfect by Lee Harris

robottypeSo you’ve just finished writing your novel. Before I go any further, let me stand and applaud you – I have the utmost respect for any writer, new or established, who goes the whole mile and finishes a manuscript of novel length. Even those books that are less than excellent deserve a hearty round of congratulatory cheers for their creators. Finishing a novel is not easy.

Unfortunately, the hard work doesn’t stop there. Once the novel is written, the next phase of hard

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Oh, what a quote!

moxyyland-front-72dpi-actualSometimes we send our books to other authors we think might like them. Often, we ask for a quote for the book. Occasionally we get a quote back that is just so perfect, from just the right person, we wonder if that person was taking a peek inside our heads when they wrote it.

The mighty Charlie Stross has this (and much else) to say about our very own Moxyland:

the larval form of a new kind of SF munching its way

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The Future – It’s Not All Doom and Gloom, tha knows.

Andy Remic, and friend
Andy Remic, and friend

That Andy Remic! tsk! Not content with selling a gazillion books, forging his own axe from the iron extracted from his own blood, and generally scaring the neighbourhood kids, now he’s only gone and formed a writers’ consortium type thing! Where does he find the time? (As long as he finishes the next couple of Kell’s Legend books we don’t mind – they’re huge fun!)

His latest project? The

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Slights – Free Sample

Slights - in UK stores 1 July 09We will be offering free sample chapters of all of our titles prior to release.

First off the starting block is Slights by Kaaron Warren.
UK/Aus/eBook: 1 July ’09. US/Canada: 1 October ’09.

All rights reserved.
However, feel free to share this sample chapter with anyone you wish, or to post it on your own site. And if you like this, buy

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It’s the Final Countdown…

It’s hard to believe after all this time that we’re so close to launch. Yes, good people of the United Kingdom and Australia, Angry Robot will be in all good bookshops near you just six weeks from today!

Still plenty of things for us all to be getting on with here at Angry Robot HQ, though – final cover designs, review copies, interviews and assorted promotional gubbins…


Good job none of us are going away on holiday, then, really… 🙂

So – July 1st. Do make sure it’s in your diaries, won’t you?

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Cover of Death!

angelofdeath-front-72dpi-actualIt’s a hard life, working in the Angry Robot Office. Yes, we get to choose the books we want to publish, which means that we’re pretty much guaranteed to be more than enamoured by our entire list. And yes, we get to work with some of the best cover artists in the business, and gradually get to see the book encapsulated in a single image. In fact, this is part of what makes working at Angry Robot such hard work. There will come

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Meet Moxy

moxylaptopsmThis little fellah goes by the name of Moxy.

It’s a bit of a stretch to suggest that he’s the star of Moxyland (though we’d never tell him that to his face – he may look cute, but just look at those teeth!) but he’s certainly an important part of the book.

Moxy was made by a women’s collective in his native South Africa, and we believe he hopped into the cargo hold on a commercial flight some weeks later.

The thing about Moxy, though, is that he’s virtual. He’s

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Proud to be Short

suite101Yes, proud to be short, goshdarnit! (Apologies for the language). It’s true, I’m not the loftiest of individuals – more an R2D2 than a C3PO, but I’m not talking about my stature.

The lovely folk over at Suite101 asked me to write a guest blog about my love of short stories, and as a devourer of short fiction (and a publisher, through Hub Magazine), I was more than happy to oblige. Read the blog entry here.

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Name That Droid

handyvac-marcoThe Angry Robot “Name that Droid” competition has finished, and we will be announcing the winner in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, if you fancy getting a droid named after your good self, why not head on over to

I punched in Marco’s name, and pretty much got his job description thrown back at me, as a result!edox-lee


It even successfully predicted my love of travelling.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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Angry Robot Site of the Month

sfsignal-biglogo00We are thrilled – nay, delighted – to announce the first Angry Robot Site of the Month.

The Site of the Month is awarded to the website that fulfils our distinctly random criteria for the month, or one which we just think is plain excellent. Our criteria for choosing is likely to change month-on-month, and is largely dependant on how we feel at the time.

Our first Site of the Month is SF Signal.

An excellent mix of news, reviews and

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Creature Feature: The Monster Librarian was set up to help advise libraries of all types develop their horror fiction (in part to help reluctant readers) and to encourage horror fans to expand their interests beyond movies and TV. The site recently reviewed Tim Waggoner’s rather excellent Nekropolis and had this to say:

Nekropolis would be a great addition to any library. Fans of the paranormal will also enjoy timwaggoner-picNekropolis, as it crosses

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Colin Harvey is an Angry Robot

Colin Harvey plays it coolWe’re over the moon to welcome British science fiction writer COLIN HARVEY to our happy but metallic band. The Bristol-based author has signed up with us for two novels, the first of which – WINTER SONG – will be appearing as soon as October this year, with the second to follow in May 2010.

Colin has for some years been an active contributor British small presses and blogs, and he is a regular reviewer for Strange Horizons, but these novels

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Chris Roberson nominated for Sidewise Award

Book of Secrets - August UK, October USThat headline pretty much says it all. We were delighted to learn that Angry Robot author Chris Roberson has been nominated for the prestigious award for excellence in alternate history, for his fine Chinese-in-space SF novel The Dragon’s Nine Sons. Coincidentally, that book was published by Solaris, Marco’s old stamping ground, and whose new boss, George Mann is also nominated (hey George). The winner will be

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