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Author Events – N. S. Dolkart

Angry Robot Author, N. S. DolkartWe have released the lovely N. S. Dolkart – author of the Godserfs series, an epic fantasy that begins with Silent Hall and is followed by the upcoming Among the Fallen – from writing for the next few months so he can get out and about to meet you!

Here’s the full list of appearances: 

April 4th. 7pm. Book launch at Wellesley Books – Wellesley, MA.

April 6th. 7pm. Reading and book signing at Books on the Square – Providence, RI

April 9th. 1pm. Reading and book signing at Barnes & Noble – Nashua, NH

April 13th. 7pm. Reading and signing at Bluestockings Bookstore – New York, NY

Among the Fallen by N S DolkartApril 19th. 7pm. Reading and signing at Harvard Coop – Cambridge, MA

May 1st. 7:30pm. Evening Presentation at Temple Emanu-El – Providence, RI

If you’re in the area pop along to one (or more) of these events, find out more and get your books signed!

Plus, tune in to WBAI New York‘s Hour of the Wolf on Thursday 30th March between 1-3am EDT (6-8am GMT) to hear Noah do an interactive reading of his story ‘The Maltese Pelican’ . Tune in from the start of the show to hear the rules of the game and hear him chat about Among the Fallen. Callers from friendlier time zones would be appreciated!



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Join the Revolution – Read Everything We Publish

AR SubscriptionThink not of how squishy your fleshling bodies are, but how easily they might be encased in smooth, soothing steel. You can start the process by plating the inside of your head with robot wonder, and here’s an amazing way to do just that…

We offer you a new, improved 12 Month Subscription to Angry Robot ebooks, for just £100, or around $125. That’s every book we publish, including re-releases in different formats! From March 2017 you’re looking at least 35 ebooks, which you get on the day of publication, for what is, mathematically speaking, less than the cost of a pint per book.

In further steely benevolence we’ll give you an amazing 25% off everything you can chuck in a cart, to catch up on all of our ongoing series. We are robots, but we have hearts.

Embrace the coming robot revolution: sign up today.

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COVER REVEAL: The Rebellion’s Last Traitor

Well met, good robots.

Do we have a treat for you today! It’s Steve Stone‘s brand new cover for Nik Korpon‘s The Rebellion’s Last Traitor, a sci-fi noir that puts us in mind of Inception by way of Blade Runner and the Easter Uprising of 1916. Yes, we know that definitely propels it into the WTF part of our remit and we couldn’t be happier to be bringing this wonder to you in early June.

As a bonus feature, not only are our friends at the B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog showing off the cover they’re also sharing the first chapter of The Rebellion’s Last Traitor, just so you can get your whet your whistle, pre-release. Click on the image below to take a peek at the full reveal and read the excerpt.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 16.54.27

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COVER REVEAL: The Broken Heavens by Kameron Hurley

It seems like Kameron Hurley‘s name is everywhere at the moment, doesn’t it? Which is probably because it is, and with good reason, too! After gaining critical acclaim with The Geek Feminist Revolution last year, and the February release of hard sci-fi novel The Stars Are Legion which received so much fanfare and glitter – visceral, bloody, disgusting glitter – Kameron is just now putting the finishing touches on the final novel in her Worldbreaker saga, The Broken Heavens, due out this October, too. And now, robot fans, we have the cover for you.

Huge robot high fives to Richard Anderson, who has once more pulled out all the stops to create an utterly gorgeous cover for us.

Just click on the teaser image to be taken through to the full reveal at the B & N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog: Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 16.20.52

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International Women’s Day

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 09.51.32❤️️ We want to smash the patriarchy with you ❤️️

Happy International Women’s Day, everyone!

Can you believe that some jerks think the best SFF is only written by men? Us either! Angry Robot offers a big FUCK YOU to that particular sentiment, in fact.

So, in order to celebrate the very nature of diversity, inclusivity and unity in fighting the powers that be, we invite you to feast your eyes on a selection of diverse books, which will be just £1 (that’s $1.22 to you Yanks) all day.

Go get ’em, tiger. The link is right here.

PS: It’s November 19, if you really want to know.

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Angry Robot at Emerald City ComiCon


That’s right, Angry Robot is going to be at Emerald City ComiCon, this weekend Mar 2 – 5! *Waves flag, does dance*

There shall be a whole merry horde of Angry Robot authors around for the event, including:
Adam Rakunas
K C Alexander
Joseph Brassey
Bruce Cordell
Eric Scott Fischl
Shanna Germain
Patrick S Tomlinson
Mike Underwood (our sales & marketing wizard, and author in his own right)
Wendy N Wagner
Alex Wells

You’ll be able to find us at booth 1816, where we’ll be hanging out, selling books, holding signings and generally making nuisances of ourselves. Be sure to pop over and say hi, offer us your weapons and pick up some of the best SF, F & WTF novels around.

If workshops are your thing, we’ll be running the Build-a-World workshop in WSCC603, Thursday from 15:00 – 16:00. Here’s what you’ll get:
A panel of professional authors will build a science fiction and/or fantasy world right before your eyes, taking tropes, themes, and ideas from audience suggestions and developing a setting as well as brainstorming stories one could write in that setting. A great hands-on workshop for learning how to take your setting from the kernel of an idea into something that can inspire a larger creative work.
 We’ll be keeping you all up-to-date with our activities over on Twitter, so do make sure to check in with us there! Have a great con!
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VISCERAL READING: The Stars Are Legion Sample Chapters

9780857666628Want to read a sample of Kameron Hurley’s epic and thrilling The Stars Are Legion? Of course you do!

As Andrew Liptak at The Verge says, The Stars Are Legion is ‘a beautiful work of fiction, a wholly original novel that pops and crackles with big ideas’. It’s also been called Badass’  by John Scalzi, bestselling author of Old Man’s War.

Here’s the synopsis:

Somewhere on the outer rim of the universe, a mass of decaying world-ships known as the Legion is traveling in the seams between the stars. For generations, a war for control of the Legion has been waged, with no clear resolution. As worlds continue to die, a desperate plan is put into motion.

Zan wakes with no memory, prisoner of a people who say they are her family. She is told she is their salvation – the only person capable of boarding the Mokshi, a world-ship with the power to leave the Legion. But Zan’s new family is not the only one desperate to gain control of the prized ship. Zan must choose sides in a genocidal campaign that will take her from the edges of the Legion’s gravity well to the very belly of the world. Zan will soon learn that she carries the seeds of the Legion’s destruction – and its possible salvation.

Now check it out for yourself below:

Read it? Loved it? You know what to do next!

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What’s this?!


You might have been a little startled to pull up your favourite SF/F/WTF publishing house’s website and discover that, well, it looks like this now.

That’s right, we’ve had a little bit of a revamp of the old digital HQ, and the result is what you see right here. There are a few exciting changes, namely that the Robot Trading Company has been rolled into the main website, so you can now buy ebooks directly from the book page (account holders, fear not! We shall be moving your accounts over – watch out for an email). There’s also a cool little carousel which shows off our new and upcoming titles, new social media features and a better search function.

So take some time to look around, check out the new site and, you know, buy books. Because you can do that now. Excellent.

If you have any questions about the soon-to-be defunct Robot Trading Company website, your Robot subscription or anything similar, please do give us a shout over at
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The Gas-Lit Empire is Back!

Angry Robot author Rod DuncanGreetings, travellers!

And travellers we shall be talking about today, as Elizabeth Barnabus – beloved heroine of the Gas-Lit Empire universe and novels The Bullet-Catcher’s Daughter, Unseemly Science and The Custodian of Marvels – is taking flight from the UK to the vast oceans.

That’s right, Rod Duncan is back with a brand new series, the Map of Unknown Things, which is set in the same world as that of the Gas-Lit Empire. The series will begin in January 2018 with the first novel The Queen of All Crows. Here’s the synopsis:

Only one woman can stop the world from descending into endless war.

The year is 2012. The nations of the world are bound together in an alliance of collective security, overseen by the International Patent Office.

When airships start disappearing in the middle of the Atlantic, the Patent Office is desperate to discover what has happened. Forbidden to operate beyond the territorial waters of member nations, they send spies to investigate in secret.

One of those spies is Elizabeth Barnabus. She must overcome her dislike of the controlling Patent Office, disguise herself as a man, and take to the sea in search of the floating nation of pirates who threaten the world order.

Eeek, we can’t wait to the new instalment of our favourite genre-defying world with you!

For more information on the new series, plus giveaway of all three books in the previous series please head over to the wonderful Fantasy Faction.

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We’re away for Christmas

Christmas greetings Robots,

We’re currently off warming our cold metal bodies in front of a warm fire, cracking nuts, reading stories and opening our stacks of presents.

Our ever-watchful, steely gaze will be on Twitter and our e-mails throughout the festive period though, so if you do really need us just drop us a line.

Happy holidays!

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Patrick S. Tomlinson Wants YOU to Fight the Power

The Author, Patrick S. Tomlinson

Political commentator, comedian, author and all round top robot Patrick S. Tomlinson is punching out those words again.

But this time it’s not his epic science-fiction that’s blowing our minds but some wise words on the current political climate. Below, Patrick shows us how the Hugo/Puppies experience that fandom has witnessed over the past couple of years can act as an example of how to fight back against the system.

Hold on to your hats, its gonna get empowered up in here…

‘The Hugos Show Us the Way Forward’ by Patrick S. Tomlinson

A funny thing happened on the way to… you know what, it wasn’t funny. I’m a professional comedian and I’ve had real trouble finding humor in anything since Nov 8. It felt like someone had punched me in the gut.
Read More

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Angry Robot HQ is Moving!


Robot friends, after six years it’s time that we leave the hallowed halls of Lace Market House and move to pastures new.

So, from this Thursday (December 8) our new headquarters will be:

20 Fletcher Gate

Tel no: +44 115 9338456  (please be aware we’ll be porting over our current number, so if you can’t get hold of us for a couple of days, that’s why *stares at technology* We’ll be on our email as usual in the meantime.)

It’s quite lovely in our new pad, there’s space for a couple of sofas and a hat stand (very important), an original fireplace AND, perplexingly a cage of stones which we’ve already decided are symbolic of the souls of children lost to the building. Our aim is to paint little faces on as many of them as we can before being found out, but don’t tell anyone.

Of course, if ever you’re in Nottingham and fancy popping by, do come and say hello/ offer fealty to your friendly Robot Overlords. There’s talk of getting a fancy coffee machine so I’m sure we can make you a latte or similar, if you’d like. We’ll have biscuits, too.

Here’s a little map so you know whereabouts we are. Yes, we are sandwiched between two pubs and it was definitely a coincidence.


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An Accident of Stars – Explore a New World For Free!

Ever wish you could just escape from it all, fall through a portal into a new world? Well, with us you can – in a book! Let Foz Meadows take you on an adventure with the first three chapters of An Accident of Starsentirely free, right here.

An Accident Of Stars by Foz MeadowsIt’s a “portal fantasy for grownups, with grit and realism, and characters I loved from the first page”, so says Trudi Canavan, author of the Black Magician trilogy!

Here’s the synopsis:

When Saffron Coulter stumbles through a hole in reality, she finds herself trapped in Kena, a magical realm on the brink of civil war.

There, her fate becomes intertwined with that of three very different women: Zech, the fast-thinking acolyte of a cunning, powerful exile; Viya, the spoiled, runaway consort of the empire-building ruler, Vex Leoden; and Gwen, an Earth-born worldwalker whose greatest regret is putting Leoden on the throne. But Leoden has allies, too, chief among them the Vex’Mara Kadeja, a dangerous ex-priestess who shares his dreams of conquest.

Pursued by Leoden and aided by the Shavaktiin, a secretive order of storytellers and mystics, the rebels flee to Veksh, a neighboring matriarchy ruled by the fearsome Council of Queens. Saffron is out of her world and out of her depth, but the further she travels, the more she finds herself bound to her friends with ties of blood and magic.

Can one girl – an accidental worldwalker – really be the key to saving Kena? Or will she just die trying?

An Accident of Stars is available in all good bookstores and wherever books are sold.

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Nanoshock by KC Alexander

Listen up guys!

The second book of K C Alexander‘s fabulously fantastic, ass-kicking SINless trilogy has been given a name! Get ready for it…

Nanoshock! We’re super excited to bring you the second in the series, which is going to smack you upside the head with more cyber-punk fuelled drama with a side of zombie.

To get you excited before Nanoshock comes out, here’s some praise for the first in the SINless series, Necrotech:

Necrotech by K. C. AlexanderNecrotech bleeds with raw & unapologetic badassery. Riko is the cyberpunk heroine I’ve been waiting for, struggling with the truth that the tech we embrace to solve our problems just creates new ones, and no one has a chipset to fix humanity’s bugs. K.C. Alexander dials up the attitude, anguish, and adrenaline in this explosive debut, and I’m looking forward to Riko’s next run.”
Kevin Hearne, NYT Bestselling author of The Iron Druid Chronicles

Necrotech is a high-octane cyberpunk thrill ride that starts at full throttle and never slows down. Riko is an amazing, diverse, ass-kicking character that will leave readers wanting more.”
Tim Moore, Strange Horizons

“Mixing together high-tech imagination and conspiracy, this one is sure to satisfy the cyberpunk craving you didn’t know you had.”

“Hard hitting and fun, it reads like a sci-fi action film.”
Pop Culture Beast

“So this is not my usual kind of review. And that’s totally fine by me, because this is not my usual kind of book. It is so much fucking better than ‘usual’. There’s no lily to gild here. Necrotech is awesome. Go and buy it.”
Over The Effing Rainbow

Nanoshock will be out in July 2017, so fear not you’ve still got plenty of time to read Necrotech if you haven’t already.

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Peter McLean Goes to Prison

Peter-McLean-1-p19goripnm6vk2q3c3rufj1pdv1-225x300Now and again our authors get requests to give talks to interested parties and aspiring authors. Sometimes these requests are from prisons, which is exactly what happened to Peter McLean the other week, as he was asked to speak to inmates at HMP Norwich.

Being inside a prison, as an author imparting knowledge, is something that not that many of us experience, so we asked Peter to write about his experience.

So, in Peter’s own words…

A couple of weeks ago I went to prison.

Don’t worry, they let me out again – I was invited to give a guest talk on writing and publishing to a prisoner education group at HMP Norwich, the local prison in the city where I live.

HMP Norwich is ‘Category B/C multi-functional’, which basically means it’s a medium-security prison housing a mixture of convicted and remand prisoners. Hard though it may be to believe, I had never been in a prison before. Well, now I have.

As you might expect, there are high walls and lot of fences and gates with razor wire and cameras everywhere, so initially I felt quite at home. I used to work in a high-security datacentre, which was much like that. The datacentre was a modern compound though, whereas HMP Norwich is the same sort of looming Victorian monolith as Strangeways (HMP Manchester) and Wormwood Scrubs, albeit not as large. As soon as the first set of steel-barred gates clanged shut behind me, I was locked in and I knew it.

Drake by Peter McLeanI also knew I’d be coming out again in a few hours time. What it must feel like to know you won’t be going back out of that gate for years to come I can’t even imagine. I also couldn’t imagine what my audience was going to be like, and that’s where I got a nice surprise.

I was escorted to the prisoner education block, where there were a group of about 30 prisoners and a few staff waiting to listen to me. That’s a lot more people than I was expecting.

I talked about how I got started with writing and how I eventually got published, and I was pleasantly surprised to find a few aspiring writers amongst the audience. Most of the session was Q&A and I got asked a lot of interesting questions, not just about writing but really about life, the universe and everything.

The whole session went on for over three hours, and one of the highlights for me was meeting a young lad in his 20s who had learned to read and write while he was inside. He had just earned a silver certificate in literacy, and they asked me to sign it for him and it was presented to him as part of the session. I felt very proud of him, and I think everyone else there felt the same way.

Another young guy showed me his own writing, about his abusive family and how he ended up living as a homeless addict. He asked me if I could come back and help him with it, and I would really like to do that.

Some of the guys asked me to read to them, so I read a chapter of Drake and got a nice big round of applause afterwards, followed by another deluge of questions.

Everyone wanted to shake my hand at the end of the session, and the prison library now has a long waiting list for my books.

I must admit I was exhausted afterwards. I’ve done panel discussions and readings at conventions before, but this was my first proper solo event. Three hours is a long time to keep that many people engaged and entertained all by yourself, but it was absolutely worth it.

Dominion by Peter McLeanThe thing I really took away from the session was that, yes, these men might have done things that got them locked up but no one in that room felt like a bad person. No one was impolite or badly behaved towards the staff, or me and the general feeling in the education block was of people who actually wanted to learn.

I posted about the day on a Facebook group I belong to, and got a comment from a gentleman who is the Sergeant over the gang unit of the Utah State Prison. He told me that the inmates there always look forward to any volunteer who comes in and gives their time, too, and that prisoners are some of the most avid readers he knows.

So, fellow authors or anyone else who feels able to give a talk on an interesting subject, I would highly recommend this as a rewarding and very helpful thing to do.

I hope it made someone’s day. I know it made mine.

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Rod Duncan Wins Wonderful Award

Leicester Writer's Club, courtesy of the website
Leicester Writer’s Club, courtesy of the website

Rod Duncan, author of The Fall of the Gas-Lit Empire series, has won himself an award from the Leicester Writer’s Club.

The Nick Leach Award recognises those writers who take the time to help other achieve their full potential, and who are cheerleaders for the rest of the group. The winner is presented with a globe, which is pleasingly steampunk-esque for the man himself.

For Rod’s reaction to the news do read this lovely little piece on his Gas-Lit Empire Facebook page.

Rod, as always, we salute you for being a wonderful robot human. Congratulations and well deserved.

In other great news The Bullet-Catcher’s Daughter, the first in The Fall of The Gas-Lit Empire series (and a nominee for the 2014 Philip K Dick Award), just surpassed 1,500 reviews on GoodReads. Pretty impressive, eh? If you’re wondering what all of the fuss is about, here are a few select comments:

“Looking for a good book?  Mystery, duplicity, secret societies, alchemy, romance, action … The Bullet-Catcher’s Daughter by Rod Duncan has it all.”
Looking for a Good Book

“A well-written novel, the story fantastically put together with elements of alternate history and steampunk, topped off with a strong, resourceful heroine. You can’t help but be drawn to Elizabeth Barnabus.”

“A wonderful story that I would recommend to anyone even remotely interested in speculative fiction.”

The Haunted Reading Room

“A rollicking steampunk adventure, filled with intricate twists and turns, top-notch world building, and a heroine that quickly became one of my favorites ever.”
Books. Bones & Buffy

There are currently three titles in the Gas-Lit Empire series, available from all reputable and not-so-reputable bookstores now!

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