On Thursday, 25 September 2014, American entrepreneur Etan Ilfeld bought Angry Robot Books, as well as Watkins Publishing (mind, body and spirit books), Nourish (wellbeing cookbooks),  from administration. In addition to saving the jobs of all the employees, Ilfeld is intent on combining these imprints to form a diverse media company, Watkins Media Limited, which includes magazine publishing, a flagship retail store and mobile apps.

As a die-hard sci-fi fan, Ilfeld is “thrilled about purchasing Angry Robot”, delight which Marc Gascoigne, Angry Robot MD, shares:

Marc: “I’m absolutely delighted to be able to share this great news. There were several companies in the running to buy Angry Robot, but we’re so pleased that our new owner is someone who shares our vision for the imprint, and modern, innovate science fiction publishing. After the brief hiatus while we change hands, we look forward to Angry Robot resuming publication from March of next year, bring you new books from many familiar names and of course some amazing new talent too.”

This purchase reunites Watkins Books and Watkins Publishing after they were split two decades ago. Ilfeld bought Watkins Books from administration in 2010, and has followed suit by acquiring Watkins Publishing last week. Both the Watkins bookshop and publishing imprint were founded by John Watkins in 1893, and as award-winning publishers of award-winning books, Angry Robot Books looks forward to this next chapter in our own rich history.

For more information, contact Caroline Lambe, Angry Robot Books’ Publicity Manager: caroline.lambe@angryrobotbooks.com


  1. Good to hear that – I’m in the same position!

  2. Is it still possible there will be another open door window in 2014 or 2015? The website previously indicated a possible open period in 2014, so I was curious if there is any anticipated news on that. Thank you, and I am excited for the future of Angry Robot!

    • As we are still finishing the review of the submissions from the last Open Door month (well, we’ve been a *little* busy), we’re going to hold off on a new one at least till Spring 15. We’ve called in a good clutch very promising full manuscripts and want to do justice to them first. All full manuscripts are being read by the rest of the AR team, so nothing has been lost.

  3. Thank you for replying. I was mainly concerned because the editor who read my initial submission and asked for my full manuscript is no longer employed with you.

  4. Josh,

    Open Door manuscripts will continue to be considered in the same manner.


  5. Will this have any effect, positive or negative, on writers who submitted during the open door submission window? Specifically, those who already were asked to send in full manuscripts?

  6. Cheers and waves arms about in a Kermit stylee.

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