Dear Robot Readers,

Mike Underwood, Sales & Marketing-o-Tron here with some cool news.

I love conventions – they’re a chance to bring together authors to discuss interesting, important, and/or irreverent topics in writing and cross-pollinate ideas and experiences. Not to mention the amazing, off-the-wall conversations that happen in the hallways, restaurants, and the bars. Especially the bars.

I’m also a podcaster, and a while back, I wanted to apply the fun of podcasting to my marketing work with Angry Robot and see if there was a way to bring some of the amazing convention-style conversations to readers around the world without having to shell out for a convention pass or a plane ticket. Which leads directly to…

Angry Robot Live.

Monday, April 28th, at 8:30PM EDT, I’m going to moderate a live Google+ discussion with four critically-acclaimed Angry Robot authors about 21st Century Science Fiction. Our panelists will be:

Madeline Ashby, John W. Campbell-nominated author of the Kitschie and Locus-nominated vN
Cassandra Rose Clarke, author of PKD-nominated The Mad Scientist’s Daughter
Ramez Naam, John W. Campbell-nominated author of the Promethus, Kitschie, and Arthur C. Clarke-nominated Nexus, and the Prometheus-nominated Crux
Wesley Chu, John W. Campbell-nominated author of the Alex Award-winning The Lives of Tao.

If you have questions about Science Fiction or any of these authors works that you’d like me to ask at the panel, please comment below. And be on the lookout for the link to join the discussion live on Monday the 28th!

For those who won’t be able to attend live, we’ll record the panel to be uploaded to YouTube, as well as archiving it on Google+ for viewing long into the 21st Century.


UPDATED: RSVP here for a chance at book giveaways!

author headshot for Cassandra Rose Clarke
Cassandra Rose Clarke
Ramez Naam Author headshot
Ramez Naam
Author headshot for Madeline Ashby
Madeline Ashby



Author headshot for Wesley Chu
Wesley Chu