Now here’s a great competition for you! 30 hours of audiobook brilliance spread over 25 CDs!

Win Anne Lyle’s The Alchemist of Souls and The Merchant of Dreams on CD – both books read by the incomparable Michael Page for those fine folk at Brilliance Audio.

And what do I need to do to win these audible delights? I hear you ask? Well, that’s a very good question, we reply – thanks for joining in! Simply leave a Christmas joke* in the comments section, below. We’ll then use an arcane scoring system based on laugh-out-loudedness and god-did-they-really-type-thatedness and decide a winner! We might also just pick one at random – who knows?**

Note: If your joke does not show immediately, it might just be held in the moderation queue, awaiting approval, so don’t worry – it’ll get there…

The competition is open until midnight (wherever you live) on Sunday 23rd December. The winner will be notified by email. There may even be some runner-up prizes, depending on what we can find lying around the office.

The prizes will be sent out in the first week of January. There is no geographical restriction on entering***.


*”A Christmas joke” may be defined as “A joke that has some connection to Christmas”, or merely “A joke that you tell, and it’s pretty close to Christmas, so let’s just say it counts, eh?” We’re really not hung up over details…

** This is likely, to be honest.

**except for outer-space – the postage there is too restrictive, so only enter if you have a terrestrial mailing address.