The entire Angry Robot office is today reeling with the news that maniac fantasy author Andy Remic is returning with a brand new series.

Andy RemicThe Iron Wolves is the first of at least two novels set during a time of war and invasion. Riffing on The Dirty Dozen and The Magnificent Seven, the novel sees a disparate band of ruffians and renegades being reunited one last time to defend a key stronghold against overwhelming odds. But when they fight as one, the veteran warriors have a hidden power, and unleashing it one last time will have extraordinary consequences.

Andy Remic’s previous Clockwork Vampire trilogy earned him the nickname “the Tarantino of epic fantasy” and the new novels will be loosely set in the same setting.

The first novel will be published in January 2014 in paperback, ebook and audio editions.

When poked with a large, pointy stick, Andy Remic said: “After the success of my previous Angry Robot titles – Kell’s Legend, Soul Stealers and Vampire Warlords – I’m absolutely thrilled and vibrating to be revisiting the fantasy genre.

“Based loosely in the same universe as Kell’s Legend, The Iron Wolves will take traditional fantasy elements and stir them violently in a big pot with a barrel of whiskey.

“We’re talking gruesome battles, nasty anti-heroes, hardened soldiers, bloody enemies, twisted deviants and gritty realism so damn gritty you’ll be spitting blood, teeth and gristle by the bloody violent end!”

So: not one for the kiddies’ bed-time reading-list. Unless you’re the sort of parent who believes that a healthy dose of the night-terrors is part of the essential magic of childhood, in which case: we salute you!

Find out more about Andy Remic at his website: and follow him on Twitter (if you dare…)


  1. Hi Rob. Some very kind comments there, thank you very much. 🙂 I’m still toying with having cameos of Kell and Saark in Iron Wolves, but have also planned out many more adventures for them in Falanor. It’s all about TIME !! Getting down to hard writing on 1st December…. and have a week in Scotland over Hogmanay to really soak up the ambience of the mountains. This is going to by my best book ever. I promise.
    Andy Rem.

  2. This is great to hear as an aspiring author in the heroic fantasy genre and a satisfied reader of The Clockwork Vampire Chronicles i am excited to hear this news. Does anybody know whether Andy has any intention of re-visiting the Falanor with more stories with Kell and Saark.

    Iron Wolves sounds right up my street and i wait with bated breath to read the first installmet. Remic is a master story teller who i can only compare to the late great weaver of heroic fantasy epics David Gemmell.

    Rob Burston

  3. Ha!!! I have been cloned!!
    You mean you haven’t heard of Gary McMahon……… ??
    Or maybe HE has been cloned and I’m the result? 🙂

  4. Hmmm. What could go wrong with unleashing an army of cloned Remics on the world, y’say? Let’s just all sit back and contemplate that for a moment, shall we..?

  5. For those who love Andy, and who doesn’t, take a look at my review of “Kell’s Legend” here:

    I’m excited he’s back in the fold but I have a suggestion for the Robot Overlords. Because Mr. Remic is so unique and his energy so limitless, why not treat him the way the Umbrella Corporation treated Alice in Resident Evil. Take his blood and clone him. More Andy; more words. What could go wrong?

  6. Congrats, Andy 🙂

  7. I’m so excited to read these,heck indeed to pick up his first book as those didn’t hit my radar before. Sounds radtastic! Woohoo

  8. Cheers Mr Ford!!
    And I am, of course, and fan of your work too 🙂

  9. Can’t wait for this!!!

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