I wouldn’t claim it’s the longest gestation in history, but I can say that today all the hard work and surprisingly proficient swearing behind the scenes getting everything ready is realised… for our first two Strange Chemistry titles are officially on sale today! (Um, in the USA and Canada, that is, with the official UK date this Thursday… but frankly most UK shops have them out on shelves already, bless ’em.)

First of all, the most immense tip of the metal hat to SC editor Amanda Rutter, who has worked like, well, like a demented scientist for close on a year to assemble the most wonderful range of new novels for teenage and adult YA readers alike. There has been laughter, tears, fistfights and above all plenty of cakes throughout, but she’s done it, and we are so proud of her. Ditto all of the AR crew – editors, designers, salesmen and marketing supremos alike – who provided sterling support, even when not threatened with extermination. It was tough, there were some late nights, but the great day is here at last.

So now, hurry hurry hurry, one and all, and be sure to check out Strange Chemistry’s first two titles. BLACKWOOD by Gwenda Bond is a frankly stunning tale based upon the unexplained disappearance of 114 early US colonists from Roanoke Island. In the present day, another 114 have disappeared and it’s down to teenage misfit Miranda and her equally striking companion Phillips to solve the mystery of the new Lost Colony. Just wonderful.

Kim Curran‘s SHIFT is quite different, a modern day science fiction thriller about a lad who discovers he can change decisions – handy when you’ve just fallen off a high electricity pylon, but tricky when each decision affects every other one, and logic loops start deleting parts of your life you’d rather not lose. Cracking stuff!

As you might expect from the Angry Robot sister imprint, these books are available worldwide, in paperback and ebook formats, and you can also buy them digitally and DRM-free from the world famous Robot Trading Company. You love it.