Seven Wonders by Adam ChristopherAdam Christopher’s Empire State was one of the not-really-a-surprise hits of 2012, and his second novel – Seven Wonders – is generating just as much excitement.

Set in the four-colour world of superheroes and their unique adversaries, Seven Wonders has already attracted praise from lots of folk, including Greg Rucka, Mike Carey and Victor Gischler – and those guys know their superheroes!

On the day of the UK launch (September 6th), Adam will be signing at the Forbidden Planet Megastore on Shaftesbury Avenue, London. As well as the standard UK paperback (adorned by Will Staehle’s stunning artwork), you’ll have the opportunity to pick up an extremely limited edition hardback of the book – exclusive to Forbidden Planet. Only 100 of these are being printed for sale, and the hardback will contain an exclusive short story – A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The ComicCon – that you won’t find in any other print edition.

And if you can’t make it to Forbidden Planet on September 6th? No problem – you can pre-order the book for delivery at the Forbidden Planet website.

In fact – with only 100 available on sale, it’s worth pre-ordering to reserve yourself a copy!

Pre-order here.

Details of the signing, here.

“Seven Wonders is everything that’s great about superhero novels – a fast pace, a complicated plot, iconic characters, and an unlimited effects budget.Absolutely wonderful.”
Seanan McGuire,
New York Times bestselling author of Discount Armageddon and Ashes of Honor

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