Today we have some rather exciting news about our Robot Trading Company Ebookstore.

Behold! The Robot Trading Company

For a while now, we’ve been looking at the way the ebook market seems to be shaping up and – particularly in the UK – it looks like there’s plenty to choose from, if what you’re interested in is cookie-cutter bestsellers, celebrity biogs or gimmicky crap about insurance-selling meerkats.

If it’s the really big names in genre fiction that you’re after, then you’re probably spoilt for choice as well. But what if – just like your friendly, neighbourhood Robot Overlords; genre readers and fans all, long before any of us got anywhere near the publishing industry – you enjoy the sort of really interesting genre fiction that typifies our genre, without having to wade through thousands of recommendations for unsuitable books, simply because you once searched for a birthday gift for your niece?

In other words: where’s the specialist genre ebook store that’s offering as wide a selection of professionally published – selected, curated and third-party supported – genre ebooks as it possibly can and nothing else? Where’s the champion of the independent genre ebook publishers? Where’s the specialist genre ebook store that’s run by fans for fans, with a mission to boldly seek out new suppliers, new sources of top-notch genre ebooks and bring them to the attention of a genre audience that’s always hungry for new reading material, without opening the floodgates to all and sundry?

We had a good look around and – with the honourable exception of one or two small, but perfectly formed stores – it didn’t seem as though anyone else was going all-out to offer that kind of service. So in typical Angry Robot style, we decided to have a go ourselves.

We’re therefore delighted to announce that as of right now, as well as stocking every single Angry Robot ebook and a whole bunch of short stories by Angry Robot authors, the Robot Trading Company is also offering a range of ebooks from fellow independent publishing houses Anarchy Books and Infinity Plus Books.

Anarchy BooksAngry RobotInfinity Plus Books

It’s early days yet, but there’s lots more to come. We’re already talking to a few other fellow independent publishers who have expressed an interest in supplying us with their ebooks and we have a list of over a hundred more who we’re hoping will be interested in talking to us as well.

Get Involved!

We’re issuing a double call-to-action, to lovers of quality genre fiction (and non-fiction) and to independent publishers of quality genre fiction, everywhere:

If you’re someone who loves nothing better than loading up a selection of interesting, quirky and definitely-not-run-of-the-mill genre ebooks to your ePub-friendly reading device (or don’t mind running a quick conversion to Mobi for your Kindle) and then getting stuck in – and especially if you’re someone who believes in supporting independent publishers and their authors – then please do consider helping out by doing any or all of the following:

1) Visiting and browsing our catalogue to see what catches your eye or takes your fancy…

2) Signing up for the Robot Trading Company Mailing List, so we can keep you up-to-date with details of new releases, special offers, competitions and more.

3) Liking the Robot Trading Company on Facebook or following the Robot Trading Company Twitter Feed.

4) Telling your quality-genre-fiction-loving friends about us, too.

And if you’re an independent genre fiction (or non-fiction) publisher – or a previously-professionally-published author who’s now re-publishing their rights-reverted or brand new titles in ebook format – who might be interested in supplying your ebooks to the Robot Trading Company, here’s how to find out more:

1) Read the relevant section of the Robot Trading Company FAQ.

2) Get in touch (as per the details in the FAQ) with your questions and details. We’ll get back to you as soon as we possibly can with answers and information.

We look forward to welcoming you to the bright, shiny, chrome-plated future of independent genre ebook retail at the Robot Trading Company Webstore and sincerely hope you enjoy your DRM-Free, ePub ebook-buying experience.