vN by Madeline Ashby, cover Martin Bland/SpyroteknikCalling all Toronto-based Angry Robot fans and occasional readers: Madeline Ashby, author of vN – the frankly rather astounding novel of self-replicating humanoid robots, AI sentience and its impact on the world, that we’re publishing in August – will be reading from the book tonight, February 8th* at Augusta House in Toronto, as part of the Chiaroscuro Reading Series. She’ll be sharing the limelight with writers Mike Bryant and Adrienne Kress, and ukulelist Kari Maaren.

As we say, the book isn’t out until August, so this is your chance to be one of the first – the very first (we haven’t even sent out ARCs or eARCs or anything yet) – people on the planet to get a flavour of The Machine Dynasty.

Madeline is also an exceedingly smart person who knows a heck of a lot about a broad range of extremely interesting subjects – here she is discussing futurism, artificial intelligence and more with the likes of Robert J. Sawyer on Canadian TV recently – so the Q&A session (we’re assuming there will be a Q&A session) is bound to be an interesting one as well.

*Yes, we know, it’s short notice, but to be fair Madeline did only just post the news on her own blog yesterday. You’ve got a few hours’ notice, you can drop everything and head to Toronto…

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  1. Definitely heading into the city for this one…

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