Angry Robot Books has a new and potentially very exciting vacancy. We are looking for a COMMISSIONING EDITOR for a new imprint that will publish crime fiction, including suspense, mysteries and thrillers.

We will be hiring someone with experience of the crime fiction field –although not necessarily someone with a specifically publishing background. Duties will be to source new titles for the imprint, buy them, get them edited and ultimately published in digital and book format, using AR’s existing resources and systems.

The imprint will be a standalone line, with its own name and presence, but will employ the same fresh and distinctly modern approach that AR has in the SF/F world. The editor will play a key role in building the personality of the imprint, and telling the world about its brilliant books, especially online.

The key skills this role demands, therefore, are an up-to-date knowledge of US and UK crime fiction publishing, eBooks, editing, project management, negotiation – and the ability to walk the walk as the mouthpiece of the coolest new crime imprint on the block.

This role could be based in either the US or UK. The Osprey Group, of which Angry Robot is a part, has offices in Oxford and Nottingham in the UK, and New York in the US, but we also have employees who telecommute and work from home offices. If you’re the one for us, we can be flexible.

If you are interested, please apply with your CV and salary expectations to Marc Gascoigne, care of incoming [at] or via our Contact page. Closing date is noon GMT on 24 Jan 2012.

PS, Yes this does mean AR are in the advanced stages of launching a crime fiction imprint. Debuting in 2013, it will employ the same young and lively approach as AR does, using social media, street teams and all. We’ll tell you more as soon as we are able, promise.


  1. That’s awesome. Best of luck with this, I’m sure it will be fantastic.

  2. And I didn’t think Angry Robot could get any cooler…

  3. Very nice! World domination can’t be far off.

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