June 2012 sees the publication of Strangeness and Charm, the third volume in Mike Shevdon‘s Courts of the Feyre series. To mark the occasion we’ve taken the opportunity to re-issue the whole series-to-date in new and, we’re sure you’ll agree, extremely fetching livery, courtesy of the enormously talented John Coulthart.

Here’s what the matching series will look like:

Sixty-One Nails by Mike Shevdon, new cover art The Road to Bedlam by Mike Shevdon, new cover art Strangeness & Charm by Mike Shevdon

{click those covers for a larger image and check out all that lovely detail}

Sixty-One Nails and The Road to Bedlam will be available in their smart, new jackets from June 2012 as well.

And that’s not all. We’ve also gone back to Lauren Beukes‘ paradigm-shattering debut novel Moxyland and given it the Zoo City-matching, kick-ass Joey Hi-Fi treatment, like this:

Moxyland by Lauren Beukes, new cover art

{click the cover, click the cover!}

The new-look Moxyland will be going in to circulation in early March.

Truly mouthwatering, no?


  1. I can see a second set of Mike Shevdon’s books in my future. Great covers!

  2. So…shiny!! Must…have…..

  3. Due to shelf space shortage I’ll have to stick to changing covers on (in? of?) my ebooks…
    But I‘ll join others asking the question on many occasions: did you ever considered selling posters? Or could you suggest it to the covers’ authors, if they kept have rights to use them as posters?

  4. Very cool. Love the detail visible on Moxyland. Also want to own the Shevdon series.

  5. Oooooh….. shiny and quite cool!

  6. Those John Coulthard covers are stunning – gives me an excuse to collect the new editions (I have the first run as ebooks) 🙂

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