Another quick note, this time to say that we’ve put together a Twitter List of all tweet-enabled Angry Robot authors, which you can find at:!/angryrobotbooks/angry-robot-authors

It’s a rather handy way to check out all the tweets from all you favourite Angry Robot authors and the list page can be loaded into Twitter clients such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck for on-screen updates as they happen.

Even better, if you click through to the list page’s Following tab whilst logged in to your own Twitter account, you can whizz down the list to make sure you’re following everyone, and click the big, friendly ‘follow’ buttons to catch up with anyone you’re missing:

Angry Robot Authors Twitter List

Follow! Follow them All!*

*Yes, we know there are a few names missing, but we’ve double-checked and the authors in question don’t have a Twitter account yet…


  1. Ha, I hadn’t noticed the “and hangers-on” bit!

  2. I look forward to the Angry Robot Freelancers, Troublemakers and Associated Hangers-On Twitter list.

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