HUGE congratulations to the Angry Robot Overlord himself, Marc Gascoigne, who has just walked away with the World Fantasy Special Award (Professional) “for Angry Robot”. We’re absolutely thrilled for Marc, who has put in an enormous amount of work in setting up the company, and not only steering it along the right tracks, but also expanding it, at a time when many imprints are reducing their lists, or closing altogether. This really could not be a more appropriate award for a man who lives to create great genre books – and his plans are only beginning!


John Berlyne (second from right) collected Marc's award on his behalf

Congratulations also, to the mighty Lauren Beukes whose Zoo City was shortlisted for the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel. As you might remember, Zoo City one the Arthur C Clarke Award earlier this year (with the biggest prize in genre awards) and to be shortlisted for the world’s biggest fantasy award in the same year is an amazing achievement! Congratulations, Lauren!

Anyone visiting us at the Angry Robot office tomorrow can grab a glass of something fizzy with us. If you’re early enough it’ll be champagne, otherwise we have some carbonated water in the fridge. (Please come later).

The Angry Robot is appeased somewhat. Normal anger will resume tomorrow.

If you were unable to attend the awards, you can find footage of the entire ceremony, below. Marc’s award is introduced at 32.10 (and it’s worth listening to it for his great acceptance speech).



  1. YAY!! I love you guys…Excellent & well deserved….please keep doing what you’re doing.

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  3. That’s some pretty big news for a relatively small publisher (albeit you are growing). Congratulations indeed.

  4. Congrats, Marc. Well deserved!

  5. Awesome news, absolutely earned and deserved. Made my Monday morning 🙂 Congratulations to the Robot Overlords!

  6. Mazel tov!! Also, very well deserved. I mentioned the editing on FB, but there’s a great deal more than that behind this award – very much deserved!

  7. W00t! Huzzah! W00tzah!

    Giant congratulations to Marc, and the whole AR team. I might be a tad biased, but I think it’s well deserved. (Nah, scratch that. I KNOW it’s well deserved.)

  8. I just saw the result and hurried to Angry Robot to be able to say: Congratulations!

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