Announcing our second new series this week! Feeling jetlagged yet?

Canadian writer Madeline Ashby has a Master’s degree in Manga and Anime, and writes on such matters for and io9 (and soon BoingBoing too!). For her day job, she works as a consultant on future trends in technology. It’s no wonder, then, that her debut novel is a scintillating science fiction epic set in the near-future, where robots and humans live side by side. And it’s being published by us here Angry Robot – who else?

vN introduces us to Amy. She’s been grown in a stable family environment, with her robot mother and human father. But alone of all her kind, her human-protecting failsafe has stopped working for some reason. Soon she’s on the run from the law, and worse – everyone’s after her, some to use her as a weapon, others to destroy her. Her sole friend is a robot boy who’s programmed to only like humans. This is pure science fiction entertainment, combining a stunning extrapolation of a robot future with bravura kick-ass Manga-inspired action – think Philip K Dick meets Joss Whedon.

Madeline Ashby commented, “Having just written a novel about angry robots, it seemed natural I should partner up with Angry Robot. Luckily they believed in this story just as much as I did, and they’ve been wonderfully supportive throughout. When I tell my friends that I’m working with them, they’re always impressed. I feel like I’m in good hands. Strong, steely, hydraulically-powered hands.”

Madeline has signed to Angry Robot for two books in the Von Neumann Sisters sequence, in a deal arranged between publishing director Marc Gascoigne and Monica Pacheco of the Anne McDermid Agency in Toronto. vN will be published in the US and UK in August 2012, with a sequel to follow the year after. This is going to own.

BTW, if you’re tweeting the good news, feel free to use the hashtag #vN.


  1. I read this a little too fast and for a few confusing moments thought that the third paragraph was a continuation of the author bio.

  2. Michael Matheson

    Been waiting way too long for this, especially given how good Madeline’s short work is.

    August 2012 eh? There had better be excerpts made available between now and the release date …

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