1) “My name’s Markowski. I carry a badge. Also, a crucifix, some wooden stakes, a big vial of holy water, and a 9mm Beretta loaded with silver bullets.” I mean, come on!

2) “it’s an exemplary example of an urban fantasy story and I can’t wait to read more in the series.” (S F Book, 5***** review)

3) “Whoa. Justin Gustainis has given us a fast-paced, brutal and bloody urban fantasy that kept the hits coming.” (Reading the Paranormal, review)

4) “this has to be one of the must read new releases this Summer.” (Amberkatze, review)

5) “I enjoyed every page of Hard Spell. If Sam Spade and Jack Fleming were somehow melted together, you’d get Stan Markowski. I can’t wait to see what Gustainis does next.” (Lilith Saintcrow, author of Night Shift and Working for the Devil)

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The first in the Occult Crimes Unit Investigation series:

Hard Spell is available in the UK (and worldwide as an eBook) from July 7th, and in the US/Canada from the 26th. Pre-order now, or we’ll sulk.


  1. I love the pulp-style cover. Very cool.

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