American writer Chuck Wendig is best known for his hilarious examinations of the everyday struggles and victories of the writer’s life, on his website Now Chuck’s proving those long hours at the keyboard have not been in vain, as Angry Robot publish his first series of novels.

Blackbirds follows Miriam Black, blessed – or cursed – with the ability to foresee how someone will die just by touching them. This terrible ability has afforded her a living, of sorts, but now it’s time to use her powers to save someone – at great personal cost. This rip-roaring paranormal fantasy is already being considered for a TV series.

Chuck said, with typical candour: “It’s crazy-delightful to find myself with a publisher that cares about its authors – I know quite a few within Angry Robot’s talented stable of penmonkeys and I hear nothing but good things. So it is with great glee I find Blackbirds and its sequel in the capable hands of a kick-ass publisher.”

In all seriousness, Blackbirds was one of those stories that grabbed us from the first page. Chuck’s an amazing writer, and I’m thrilled we’re going to be able to take his series to a global readership.

Blackbirds will be published in May 2012, with a sequel Mockingbird to follow soon after.