We’re so delighted to announce our latest signing. Please welcome Chris F Holm. He’s just been nominated for a prestigious Anthony Award for his crime short story “The Hitter”, but now he’s signed to Angry Robot for a brace of distinctly supernatural urban fantasies, Dead Harvest and The Wrong Goodbye.

Meet Sam Thornton. He’s a Collector – he gathers souls, the souls of the damned. But when he’s dispatched to collect the soul of a young woman he believes to be innocent of the horrific crime that’s doomed her to Hell, he does something no Collector has ever done before: he refuses.

Growing up in Syracuse, New York, Chris F Holm wrote his first crime story at 6. It got him sent to the principal’s office. More recently, he has made quite a name for himself in both crime and urban fantasy circles with a swathe of acclaimed short stories. His debut novels walk the fine line between classic hardboiled swagger (check out those Hammett- and Chandler-referencing titles!) and Jim Butcher-esque supernatural adventures.

When badgered into saying something nice about us, Chris kindly volunteered:

“In just two short years, Angry Robot has amassed a list of some of the most talented people writing speculative fiction today, many of whom colour gleefully outside traditional genre lines. I’m thrilled to find myself in such talented company, and I couldn’t imagine a better fit for my fantastical take on classic crime pulp.”

The deal, for world rights to two novels across all formats, was arranged by AR Publishing Director Marc Gascoigne and Holm’s agent Jennifer Jackson, at the Donald Maass Agency in New York.

As usual, you can get more information from us by using the Contact page or calling Marketing Mike Ramalho on 0186 – 581 1325


  1. The brief plot of Chris’ book makes me tingle. I HAVE to read this.

  2. Thanks, all! I really couldn’t imagine a better spot for these books to land. And, if I’m permitted a moment of raging superficiality, have you taken a gander at the covers in the sidebar? Gorgeous to a one.

  3. Congratulations Chris, this is the best news!

  4. Congrats Chris. Can’t wait for these titles to come out.

  5. Great news for Chris and Angry Robot. Can’t wait to read the result.

  6. You can’t go wrong there.

  7. Got yourselves one hell of a writer on your hands there, folks. Congrats to Chris and to Angry Robot. Ya done good.

  8. Chris F Holm is THE MAN!!

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