Yes, it’s big news press release time again! Here’s what we just announced to the publishing world…

Lively British science fiction and fantasy publisher Angry Robot (that’s us!) has signed an exclusive licensing deal with the renowned Brilliance Audio. The US-based company will create and release audio editions of the imprint’s titles, including new releases and selected backlist. Recordings will be available for the retail and library markets on compact discs, MP3-formatted compact discs, and as files for download worldwide.

Brilliance Audio, a Michigan-based audiobook publisher that is part of the group of companies, publishes more than 600 audiobook titles annually. They are a leading publisher of Science Fiction and Fantasy in audio, having published multiple Hugo and Nebula nominees and winners.

Briliance’s SF & Fantasy Manager, the tireless John Grace said, “The one thing I know is that the face of publishing will be very different ten years from now. What I don’t know is what it will look like. What I am personally sure of is that publishers like Angry Robot who are focused and specialize in something they are passionate about will flourish in the future, which is why I’m very glad to join forces with them.”

Meanwhile, our Marco added: “Today’s customer wants great stories, as they always have, but they want them in the format that’s most convenient to them – which isn’t always the traditional one. Our ultimate aim is to have our books appear in all popular formats, to any reader anywhere in the world, at the same time. Brilliance will help us realise this aim, brilliantly.” (See what he did there?)

Additionally, we can tell you that titles will be appearing as soon as this summer! As soon as we have a confirmed set of release dates, you’ll read them here first.


  1. Good news. I’ve only listened to one audio book before. Was interesting compared to actually reading it though it was kind of odd when the male reader kept trying to putting on female voices.

  2. This is fantastic news. Now i will have something to listen to at work. I’ll be getting a couple.

  3. Awesome news – I was wondering when the long-promised audio editions would launch.

    So, will “audio book narrator” now replace “cover art” as the number one issue for authors to angst/gripe about? 🙂

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