We’re absolutely delighted to announce that we have pounced upon the debut novel of British-based New Zealander Adam Christopher.

Adam is well-known to many at the heart of the British science fiction community through his strong presence on Twitter, under the nickname @ghostfinder. It was through reading his posts that AR first became aware of him. When we found out he had ambitions to have his debut full-length novels see print we dove at the chance to check them out.

We loved what we read (and we mean loved), and so Lee has signed Adam to AR for at least two novels, starting with EMPIRE STATE.

Empire State is a story of superheroes, and a city divided in two. Detective Rad Bradbury picks up the trail of a murderer, only to discover that the world he has always known is a pocket universe, recently brought into existence by an explosion of phenomenal power. With a superhero on his tail he crosses into a city that bears a remarkable resemblance to his own – a city called New York. There he uncovers a deadly threat to the Empire State, and finds that the future of both realities are at stake.

Lee said…

“It’s always a great feeling when you find a new author – especially one with Adam’s talent. Empire State is reminiscent of China Miéville’s The City & the City – the existence of superheroes within Adam’s world serving to underline the very human struggle for survival. We’re pretty excited.”

And Adam added…

“I’ve been following Angry Robot ever since their mothership landed in 2009, and they quickly became one of my favourite imprints. Over the last couple of years they’ve built a brilliant list of authors and titles, and to be part of it all really is a dream come true.”

Empire State will be published in January 2012, with a second superhero-themed fantasy, Seven Wonders, to follow before the end of the year too. You are so going to looooove these books.

For more information, review copies, interview and feature requests contact Marketing Man, aka Mike Ramalho via the usual means.



Adam’s first interview as an Angry Robot author can be found here, at Floor To Ceiling Books.


  1. I’m late to the party as I was on holiday when this was announced. Just wanted to say hooray! Adam Christopher is a fine writer and a thoroughly nice chap to boot. Angry Robot Books, I salute you for your continued good taste.

  2. Luke, check out a certain Professor Brian Cox…

  3. Excellent news. Always nice to hear about a debut author especially when the book sounds as interesting as this. (And Adam is the spitting image of someone but I can’t think who. Damn it).

  4. Oh, we already do that, CTD. No, the reason we impose these schedule constraints is because we don’t believe the reading public would be able to cope if we released more than 24 Angry Robot books a year – there’s only so much excitement mere humans can take!

  5. Lee,
    Don’t you know that if you leave the manuscripts on the table downstairs overnight, the publishing elves will polish and publish them for you? No more schedule constraints.

  6. It’s the release schedule, Bradley. We’ve already accounted for all 2011 titles, most of 2012′ s and some of 2013’s.

  7. Was going to ask whether he was picked up from the open month, I guess that isn’t the case. 🙂 Look forward to checking out the preview chapters whenever they may come out.

    January 2012 is a long while away, why such a wait? Is it because there’s still plenty of polish to do on the book or because of all your other books scheduled for release?

  8. How will the transition be from twitterverse to authortown? I guess we will find out in the next exciting installment. Congratulations.

  9. Shh! The first rule of Angry Robot Club is you don’t talk about Clause 13.


  10. You did warn him about Clause 13, didn’t you?

  11. That’s fantastic news. Congratulations & can’t wait to read the books!

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