{Click to make the image larger – and you should, cos the detailing is just great.}

Here’s first glimpse at the cover artwork for Trent Jamieson‘s upcoming steampunk-fantasy Roil. Artwork is by the extra-lovely Angelo Rinaldi. Be honest, you really want to read this now.

It depicts Margaret, last desperate survivor of the southern city of Tate, which has been swallowed whole by the raging chaos that is the Roil. This first novel in the Nightbound Land series will be released everywhere in September 2011.

(Oh yeah, did we mention that bit too yet? Our books, previously published in our UK homeland a month before the rest of the world, will be appearing everywhere at the same time from October this year. Phew.)


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  2. Holy moly, cover art really sells books. I’m so getting this!

  3. Ro –

    All sorted. Some browsers (Internet Explorer is *very* guilty, here) have problems displaying larger CMYK images. I’ve changed it to RGB, so all should now be fine.


  4. *Makes note of artist’s name*

    Very nice.

  5. Now here is a cover which will meet the ten foot rule. Good work on this. ‘Course, if I was the author I’d be think, “Oh, crap. Hope the book lives up to this…”

  6. Alas (or hurrah?), it does show up when I click it, so it’s a bit hard to troubleshoot that problem. Perhaps another browser would help?

  7. Picture doesn’t show up when I click to view it big. Looks nice, though!

  8. Steampunk isn’t generally my thing but that is a REALLY nice cover.

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