Peter Crowther
Sean Connery or Pete Crowther?

The brains behind the award-winning PS Publishing, Peter Crowther, has signed to Angry Robot for a series of apocalyptic science fiction novels. The Forever Twilight trilogy sees a blinding light engulf the planet. As the light fades to utter darkness, only a handful of survivors remain. That is, until the hordes of vanished humanity begin to return – each one of them changed somehow.

Sounds a bit like the early hours at a typical SF convention – or is that just me?

Publishing Director Marc Gascoigne gushed: “Reading Darkness Falling gave me the same thrills I’ve got from recent Stephen King novels and Justin Cronin’s The Passage, and that was it – I decided we just had to have this dystopian masterpiece for Angry Robot”.

Darkness Falling will be released internationally in October of this year in paperback, eBook and audio formats, with successive volumes to follow in 2012 and spring 2013.

Peter Crowther added: “I’m absolutely delighted that Angry Robot has taken up the Forever Twilight SF cycle. In a short time the AR gang has put together an impressive list and I’m thrilled to be a part of it. They’re a young imprint, of course, but that’s to their credit: hungry, energetic and incredibly supportive. What more could one ask for?”

So, a dystopian SF trilogy, with changed people, worldwide catastrophes and bloody great writing? Now that’s an Angry Robot book!


  1. Thanks, chaps — gosh, this certainly does feel like a very friendly family I’ve stumbled on. Thanks for having me in and — say, why you closing the door behind me so quietly?

  2. Many congrats, Pete, and welcome.

  3. One of us… One of us…

  4. Hmm . . . that’s not going to do my diet much good.

  5. Welcome to the Angry Robot family, Pete…it’s like that family from ‘The Hills have Eyes’. Except we don’t eat babies. Well, not many. Too chewy.

  6. Thanks, Scott. To answer your question: very cluttered indeed.

  7. Congratulations, Peter, how does the desk look from the other side?

    Scott Nicholson

  8. Hey, thanks guys! I’m very excited about this whole thing. I’ve just started the second book — lots of nastiness, I’m afraid . . . and I do mean lots! But lots of fun to write, too. I think you’ll enjoy it — I surely do hope so. And sorry that I can list only the PS site right now — Mike is busy re-working my old site. There’ll be an announcement as soon as it’s ready. (C’mon, Mike . . . what’s happening over there!?)

  9. Huzzah!

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