Gotta love that headline! Yup, Australian wunderkind Trent Jamieson has become our first vict… signing of 2011. AFter a flurry of delicious emails, he has signed to Angry Robot for a new series of steampunk-tinged fantasy novels. Already attracting rave notices for the really rather brilliant urban fantasy series that started with Death Most Definite, Trent’s latest creation takes us to a dying land of decaying clockwork technology that is being devoured by a great rift in reality, the Roil.

The deal – for two novels, Roil and Night’s Engines – was arranged between Trent, agent Sophie Hamley, and AR’s publishing director Marc Gascoigne. It includes publication in the UK and US, in paperback, ebook and audio formats.

Trent had this to say:

“Angry Robot have been publishing some bloody excellent books in the last couple of years, so I’m thrilled to be part of their list. Roil and Night’s Engines take me in some rather different directions to anything I’ve done before. They’re Steampunk Fantasy, fast, dark and crammed to bursting with monsters. You’ll meet psychopathic Vergers, Quarg Hounds and Hideous Garment Flutes, and see the terrors of the Obsidian Curtain up close and personal. This is a world I’ve been writing about, and living in, for ten years, and I’m so excited to finally share it with people.”

Roil is scheduled to hit bookstores worldwide in September 2011, with its sequel Night’s Engines following in late Spring 2012.

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