This will be the first of several posts today, as we’re all so gosh-darned excited here at Angry Robot Towers. You see, today’s the day we launch our first six titles in the USA and Canada, but then you already knew that, as the title of this post gave more than a little clue.

It’s been a fascinating, exciting journey, with one or two minor hiccups along the way, and we’re in a stronger position than we’ve been in since Angry Robot was first conceived, just over two years ago, in Hammersmith, London, England.

At 1.00 this afternoon (BST) we’ll be cracking open a bottle of champagne to celebrate, and invite you* to do the same**.

Check back throughout the day for further updates, competitions, news, and general buffoonery.

*Not at our expense, naturally – we’re lovely people, but we’re not rolling in money! 🙂
** Feel free to substitute cola, tea, coffee, or the beverage of your choice.