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That man Greg Bridges has done it again – and this is still just a work-in-progress, would you believe. Following on from his lovely work on book 1 of the City of a Hundred Rows series, just you stop what you are doing and take a close look at this new cover for the sequel. Just stunning.

Penned, of course, by the immeasurably lovely Ian Whates, City of Hope & Despair takes our hero Tom on a wild-goose-chase quest in search of a mythical figure from the city of Thaiburley’s past. And as you can see, it takes him and his assassin companion to some pretty interesting places. In the US and Canada, BTW, City of Dreams & Nightmare will be in stores at the start of November; this one, City of Hope & Despair, will hit the UK in March and the US just a few short weeks later.