Yes, we have entered the world of podcasting with a monthly show! We’ll cover Angry Robot news, interview our authors, and give away free books!

This month’s episode showcases our fearless leaders, Editor Lee (or Leeeeeëee) Harris and Publishing Director Marc (or Marco) Gascoigne as we talk about SF, the future of publishing, what kinds of books they want, and the history and future of Angry Robot Books.

Our contest this month is for a limited edition hardcover copy of Lauren Beukes’ new book, Zoo City. Listen to find out how you can win!

Theme song courtesy of John Anealio, find more of his awesome science fiction-themed music at SciFi Songs.

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The podcast competition ends at the end of July.

UPDATE – podcast competition email address now working, again! Thanks for your patience!


  1. Oh dear, it almost seems like Mur has exploded and scattered herself over the net in the form of a million podcasts. 🙂

    Anyway, I have great hopes for this project and podcast. Best of luck to all involved!

  2. To save time and energy you should refer to the transition from HarperCollins to independent/ Osprey status as the ‘Angry Reboot’.

  3. Wa-hey! Flippin’ marvellous it is too. I still do a double-take when I see Mur’s name attached to Angry Robot. It’s like when you have two old friends that you know from different places, and suddenly you find them talking to each other at a party. Something like that anyway!

    Good work!

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