As you no doubt know, Angry Robot will be out in spades at next weekend’s Alt.Fiction convention – nine of us, in fact!

This is where you’ll find us (I’ve included Angry Robot authors who are doing panels/signings for other publishers, too). People in bold are Angry Robot peeps:

10am – SciFi Panel (Cinema 1)
Colin Harvey, Paul Cornell, Tony Ballantyne

11am – Podcast – Blogging and the Internet (Mac Suite)
Andy Remic, Lee Harris, Alasdair Stuart, Sharon Ring, Vincent Holland-Keen

12pm – BBC Books Panel (cinema 1)
Guy Adams, David Llewelyn, Mark Morris, Sarah Pinborough, Justin Richards, Steve Tribe

1pm– Fantasy Panel (cinema 1)
Ian Whates, Juliet McKenna, Chaz Brenchley, Mark Charan Newton, Ian Whates, Alex Bell, Kari Sperring

1pm– Podcast – Tie-In Fiction (Mac Suite)
Gav Thorpe, Simon Guerrier, James Goss, Graham McNeill

2pm – Horror Panel (cinema 1)
Gary McMahon, Conrad Williams, Tim Lebbon, Stephen Jones, Sarah Pinborough

2pm – Angry Robot Readings (Cinema 2)
Ian Whates, Gav Thorpe, Andy Remic, Mike Shevdon

2pm – BBC Books Signing (Box)
Guy Adams, James Goss, Simon Guerrier, David Llewelyn, Mark Morris, Sarah Pinborough, Justin Richards, Rob Shearman

3pm – What Is Alternative Fiction? (Cinema 1)
Marc Gascoigne, Graham Joyce, Peter Crowther, Ramsey Campbell, Juliet McKenna

3pm – Podcast – Writing SF – The Future of the Future (Mac Suite)
Colin Harvey, Tony Ballantyne, Michael Cobley

4pm – Local Author Signing (Box)
Gav Thorpe, Kim Lakin-Smith, Mark Chadbourn, Graham Joyce

4pm – The World of Publishing (Mac Suite)
Marc Gascoigne, Steve Tribe, Jon Weir, Jenni Hill- Podcast

8pm – Internet and Social Media for Writers (Box)
Lee Harris, Paul Cornell, Mark Charan Newton
(yes – 8.00pm!!! Aaaarghhh!)


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  2. Hey, Colin – schedule updated… 🙂

  3. Stable doors, etc., for the AR crew then.

  4. but surely the whole point of running into the night is that we can see the gradual degeneration due to alcohol?

  5. Not *quite* as bad, though, Colin – you won’t have had all day at the bar when yours is on… 😐

  6. I’m also on the 10am panel on Sci-Fi with Paul Cornell and Tony Ballantyne. 10 am! That’s almost as bad as 8pm…

  7. Thank-you, ladies and gentlemen – here all week…

  8. No, we’re just pleased to see you.

  9. wow, it’s like a robot uprising!!

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