Leading Non-Fiction Publisher Acquires Specialist Sci-Fi Fiction & Fantasy Imprint

Following an acclaimed first year of publishing, the revolutionary science fiction imprint Angry Robot Books has parted company with HarperCollins UK. It will now run as an independent publishing imprint, with the full backing of niche publishing experts, Osprey Publishing.

Angry Robot will continue to operate from its Nottingham base and with its existing team under Marc Gascoigne, its founder and publisher. Marc said: “With the support of HarperCollins UK, my team and I have worked very hard on Angry Robot since it was founded. We have a great publishing programme in place and a dedicated bunch of supporters, the Robot Army, as well as some excellent sales of our first titles in the UK and an imminent launch into the USA. We are very pleased to have become part of the burgeoning Osprey empire. They understand our business and the enthusiasts who drive it.”

Chris Michaels, HarperCollins Digital Publisher, Fiction/Non-Fiction, who helped set-up Angry Robot, said: “Having helped build the foundations for a successful future, we are delighted that the Angry Robot team has found a new publishing partner in Osprey. We believe this will help them develop their niche offering, supported by Osprey’s specialist sales and marketing teams. We wish them good luck for the future.”

Marc Gascoigne added, “Our publishing programme for 2010/11 will be basically unaffected by these changes. There will be a short break while the transition is sorted out, but we will be re-launching in September 2010 and then it will be business as usual.”

Osprey’s move is a reflection of the company’s continuing strategic drive into niche communities that share a deep enthusiasm for their interest or hobby, whether it be military history (Osprey Publishing), heritage (Shire Books), or science fiction and fantasy.

Richard Sullivan, Marketing Director at Osprey commented: “We have a great deal of experience of serving specialist niches with a very tight product focus. Angry Robot is a great fit with our existing businesses. We are very excited about the opportunity to enter into a new market and we are looking forward to helping Angry Robot, its authors and its readers go to some exciting places.”

For more information check out the FAQ we’ve drawn up, or contact Angry Robot direct via the form on this website.


  1. I’ts all good! just checking out some of the new and future titles here, some great looking fantasy titles at the moment, i simply cant find the time or money to read them all.

  2. Your books were the best new publisher I discovered in the last year – so good luck with an exciting future!

  3. I SO want tentacle laser cannons!

  4. Exciting times, here’s to Angry Robot evolving in cool and brilliant ways (Like oh, say, growing tentacles, or laser cannons, or laser cannons made of tentacles…)

  5. As a recovering publisher, I have to say you could not be aligning yourself with a more progressive force than Osprey. Osprey have built a thriving business around the listening to, learning from, and engaging with their community.

    Like you, they completely understand, own, and promote the #myniche concept that you are deploying so effectively within genre fiction.

    Your alliance will be a beautiful marriage of minds. Will the progeny be a slew of military SF sagas? 😉

  6. Long live Angry Robot!

  7. Very cool news — good luck with the move, folks!

  8. Congratulations as well. Best wishes in your new incarnation.

  9. Congratulations on the move. Sounds like some great potential there with Random House distribution in the US and the ability to start direct sales.

    So, next stop that dedicated Angry Robot iPad app which allows for standing orders/subscriptions, right? 🙂

  10. Jonathan Strahan

    Congratulations on the exciting new move. I hope it’s an enormous success!

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