robot podcast microphoneExciting times!

Beginning in July 2010, Angry Robot will be broadcasting a new podcast series. Broadcast monthly, the 30-minute podcast will take the form of a joint interview with two Angry Robot authors or staff, along with genre and publishing news and a monthly competition to win Angry Robot titles.

The host and interviewer is Mur Lafferty. Mur is one of the world’s best-known and best-loved podcasters, and the co-author of the book Tricks of the Podcasting Masters. As well as hosting her own immensely popular podcast for wannabe writers I Should Be Writing, she was also recently announced as the new editor of Escape Pod – the world’s most popular short fiction podcast.

Mur commented: “One of the things I love most about podcasting is the chance to talk to so many talented authors. I’m thrilled to get the chance to chat with Angry Robot authors; it’s an honor to be producing a show for one of the newest and most exciting SF publishers around.”

The podcasts will be broadcast from the Angry Robot website, and will be downloadable as a subscription through iTunes. The first podcast interview will feature Angry Robot Publishing Director Marc Gascoigne and Editor Lee Harris, talking about the history of the imprint, the move to new partners Osprey, and the future. August’s guests are Angry Robot authors Lauren Beukes and Kaaron Warren – and you can believe that’s going to be an interview worth tuning in for!

I’m absolutely thrilled to have Mur onboard – along with my writing group, I’ve been listening to I Should Be Writing for years, and our first month’s prize is something rather special…


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  3. Sorry I wasn’t clearer…books in the US! Please?? I know, I see the schedule now. At least a delay is better than cancellation. I have been tempted to do the same thing I did for Pratchett before HC got their “stuff” together, and just buy the imports.

    Thanks for the schedule!

  4. Mur is Made of Awesome.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

  5. Hey Guys, very happy to hear about this! 🙂 I’m a big fan of podcasts -I listen to the DragonPage, Brandon Sanderson’s writing podcast, The Fourth Age Wheel of Time Podcast and Mike Resnick’s writing podcast- and it’ll be awesome to have our very own Angry Robot podcast. 🙂 Congrats on this! 🙂

  6. These podcasts are going to be awesome! Now, if I can just manage to sound more clever than Marco, Lee, Lauren, Kaaron . . .

    Oh, screw it!

  7. Really looking forward to the podcast guys and the relaunch later in the year. Hope the physical move goes smoothly.

  8. The podcast sounds interesting but I’d really like read a book you publish at some point. Any plans to publish the books alluded to in the “Angry Robot BOOKS” name?

    • Hey, books! Now that’s a great idea! Can’t think why we never came up with it, ourselves!:-)

      If you’ve already read the 17 books we’ve published to date (there’s a list over on the right, with covers and everything) you won’t have long to wait for the next ones. As mentioned here and here and here we recommence our publishing programme from September, and this includes our much-heralded launch into the US and Canada.

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