Kissy kissyThat’s the end of our Twelve Days. The Angry Robot offices are now closed until January 4th 2010, but we will be picking up email, Twitters and Facebook messages pretty much as normal throughout so don’t hold back. Perhaps just don’t expect an instant reply.

While you’re waiting for our Christmas Day Message, or in the long days that will stretch out between now and our return, here are some robot-related links to keep you amused, bemused or downright confused.

Thanks to each and every one of you for your support, help and wild creativity this year. Here’s to a very Robot New Year. Brace yourselves, North America – you’re next.

Marco & Lee & Chris xxx

Those links…
• Fabulous handmade retro robots

40 cute robot illustrations

• Even more cute, with top robot love sequence (courtesy Graham Linehan)

The Old Robots page (cheers, Lauren)

• Amazing what shows up on CCTV: One and Two

• Faces in odd places, including an angry robot

Robot ferrets to find drugs

• That robot Xmas tree dance

Project Aiko

Robot Shakespeare

• That amazing short in which giant robots attack Montevideo  

That new-book smell

Lovely Russian kids’ book robots

Classic old school robots  

• Why yes, we’d love one each if you’re feeling flush

Not us

Not us either

We don’t talk about this one

• And finally, how we actually genuinely totally truthfully came up with the stunning imprint name Angry Robot (not really)