Walking the Tree by Kaaron Warren is out in February in the UK and Australia (July in the US and Canada), Damage Time by Colin Harvey and Soul Stealers by Andy Remic are both out in May in the UK and Australia and June in the US and Canada.

No more preamble, just feast your eyes on the loveliness that follows. Click on the images to make them bigger…


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  2. I think it might be worth it.

  3. I would. Despite the impending chaotic violent death that would follow, a kind of vampiric albino spaghetti. Trust me on this 😉

  4. Tom –
    Yeah, sorry about that! You won’t have too long to wait, though, and it won’t be long until we publish our titles simultaneously worldwide…

    Lauren / Derek –
    You should see the whole thing – it’s the most gorgeous wraparound…

    Fordy –
    Admit it, you would…

  5. Ooh, you sexy albino bitches!!

  6. Gorgeous cover for WALKING THE TREE.

  7. Those are some awesome covers, right there. Love, love, love Walking the Tree especially. Makes me crave the book even more.

  8. While I am enjoying all the blog updates and seeing all the new covers, I WANT THE BOOKS!!! Thank you for the excerpts as well, but I WANT THE BOOKS! Maybe I should move to the UK or Australia…

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