Click for a much larger, printable version.
Click for a much larger, printable version.

So look, we were talking in the office, and as a joke, purely as a joke, I said – or maybe Lee said – words to the effect of: why don’t we turn Angstrom, the Angry Robot logo droid, into a mask and give it away for Halloween? We chuckled for a few moments, shook our heads, and went back to rejecting seventy more urban fantasies in which the Celtic Wild Hunt somehow rampage around Chicago, putting the willies up several characterless cardboard-cutout students.

Only… the other evening over too many beers I mentioned it to the nice people at our design agency, Argh! Nottingham. They laughed the sort of laugh that says, “You gotta be kidding.” and their eyes went all panicky. I reassured them that despite the earliness of the hour, I was deadly serious. They went away, they came back again, and thus…

Either print it onto as thick a piece of card as your printer can handle or glue a flimsier printout onto thicker card. (Note to self: Insert something here about A3 paper for people with scarily big heads, but don’t make any reference to one particular Angry Robot author, oh no.) Then cut around all the dotted lines without severing your fingers, do something clever with some thin elastic cord or glue it directly to your forehead, then go scare the bejeezus out of the neighbourhood. Slightly less comprehensive instructions are on the mask too.

And yes, we are serious. “Best” photos of you or unsuspecting child-units in full AR mufti will win prizes. Who’s up for an Angry Robot flash mob in the bar at World Fantasy? Now that’s terrifying!

Send your pics to: incoming [AT]

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