Triumff-front-72dpiHow about that for a cover!  And  Triumff: Her Majesty’s Hero reads as good as it looks.

Dan‘s first book for Angry Robot has been given the Larry Rostant treatment – how gorgeous is that! Go on, click on it to see a bigger version, then pop back.

See? Stunning!

If you want more, pop over to the free first chapter at The Book Smugglers.

Talking of free first chapters, the incomparable SF Signal is running a chapter a day this week of Chris Roberson‘s Book of Secrets. Well worth checking out as so many of you have already done (it’s our first book to go into a second print run, and after just a month of being on the shelves!)

Read chapter 1 here, and chapter 2 here, then pop back to SF Signal every day this week to read more.

Meanwhile, over at Bibliophile Stalker, Charles Tan has interviewed our very own Lauren Beukes, author of the highly acclaimed Moxyland.

I live in a country with shocking economic inequality (that’s both third world and first, sometimes within half a kilometre of each other) stricken by AIDS and corruption and crime. At the same time, there’s tremendous hope and optimism and a resilience. South Africa is an incredible place that has spent the last 20 years going through interesting times (as per the Chinese curse). It’s a fascinating place to be.

Read the rest here.