Champagne bottle ready for celebrationA bit of a mammoth post, this morning, but with good reason – Angry Robot officially launched in the UK and Australia today.

Books are out, and selling. Champagne corks have popped, and Supreme Commander Marc Gascoigne bought cake!

It’s less than a year since Marco came onboard to set up the imprint, and six months since I joined him here at The Fortress of Cybernetic Rage. Less than a year from starting the imprint, and getting books on shelves in major bookstores across the world.

So, cakey goodness will be consumed today as we peruse some of the author interviews and book reviews that have cropped up over the last couple of days. Here’s mini round-up:

nekropolis-125A review of Nekropolis over at Persephone Reads:

There were a few times during the course of my reading that I had to set the book aside, swallow, maybe blink a few times, before bracing myself and plunging back in.

 Another review of Nekropolis over at Total Sci-Fi:

Waggoner’s writing is visually led, and the Blade Runner/Dark City atmosphere is well drawn. Richter, with his seemingly bottomless pockets, makes a good protagonist – a former cop who can’t quite lose all the scruples of his old profession

The wonderfull-monikered Zita-H also enjoyed Tim’s book:

The characters are well developed, the dialogue is realistic, and the story is faced-paced. If you enjoy Simon R. Green’s Nightside series, you will thoroughly enjoy Tim Waggoner’s Nekropolis.

slights-tempADAn interview with Kaaron Warren (whose debut novel, Slights, is officially launched today) over at Falcata Times.

One of my pet hates is reading a novel which is clearly stretched from a short story. The idea isn’t big enough to last a whole novel so they pad with descriptions and unnecessary plot developments. Leave it as a short story and wait till a novel idea comes along!

 Another interview with Kaaron – this time over at Zone Horror:

It was really important with this book not to censor myself. I felt I had to let it go as far as possible because if I pulled back I’d be cheating myself and the reader. And the book as well. There were a lot of times I scared myself, made myself feel ill with it. A lot of times I felt close to tears.

Moxyland-frontMeanwhile, over at Stomping On Yeti (They don’t deserve it, but that doesn’t make it any less fun) they’re looking forward to reading Moxyland by Lauren Beukes, and have some very nice things to say about the cover design. We’re looking forward to reading what they think of the book.

The cover art is attention grabbing and those “image missing” icons get me every time. The neon orange really attracts the eye and the missing faces would probably get me to flip the book over.

Finally (at least for the time being) those lovely (if a little… ummm… special) chaps over at Horror Reanimated decided that what the world really needed was an interview with the Angry Robot crew.

“Crossover” is a big deal for us, that’s true. There’s a whole bunch of complicated reasoning stuff I could go into, but in my head there’s simply a little memory-impression from first playing one of the Final Fantasy games on the first Playstation. My hero is stood there in the steam train wrecking yard, eight foot sword on his back. There are helicopters and dragons in the sky, spells and guns in my backpack. And it feels OK. Better, it feels bloody great.