Slights - in UK stores 1 July 09We will be offering free sample chapters of all of our titles prior to release.

First off the starting block is Slights by Kaaron Warren.
UK/Aus/eBook: 1 July ’09. US/Canada: 1 October ’09.

All rights reserved.
However, feel free to share this sample chapter with anyone you wish, or to post it on your own site. And if you like this, buy Kaaron’s book. 

You can pre-order Slights from for only £5.99!

Free Sample
The following extract is taken from Chapter 1 of Slights. Please note that the formatting will vary from that of the final commercial product.

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Mobi and PDF
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  1. This sample is amazing. Now I have to wait until October to read it. Can’t wait to read and review this one!

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